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Tips For Painting And Decorating Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Styling the kitchen of your restaurant is vital because this is where production begins and ends. In fact, restaurant painting and decorating should start where the cooking is: at the kitchen. The design of the kitchen includes a bunch of other decorating stages, including choosing the paint colour, deciding the layout, and selecting the kitchen appliances. Effective kitchen design results in greater efficiency of kitchen staff, which translates to higher productivity and better quality.

Consider an overall design or theme. Kitchen design normally follows a basic pattern, which is then made extraordinary by the bits of detailing and styling. Communicate specific requirements with your painting contractors so that the outcome turns out exactly what you want and need for your restaurant. Work out the details from a basic design – the very foundation of the way you decorate your restaurant kitchen. The basic design likewise commands the other aspects or areas of your establishment, including the dining area, counter section, and restrooms.

When it comes to general design or theme, you actually have a long list of options. One of the common choice themes is white, which makes the restaurant looking tidy and spacious. If you want to evoke a classic, country appeal, go for browns and greens, or match white with blue. Professional decorators can offer suggestions on how best to decorate your kitchen. If you want a really impressive kitchen, go for the showy shades of red, yellow, orange or pink. For themes, you may want a Tuscan kitchen, a traditional Irish diner, or retro theme.

Painting and decorating the kitchen should be done with consideration for safety. Some paint gets damaged quickly when exposed to fire, heat, oil and water – which are common elements in the cooking area. Not all surfaces are best coated with paint; some are best covered in granite tile or marble tile, which are easier to clean and resist food spill damage. Some sections of the walls need backsplash that keeps walls dry and attractive regardless of the activities in the kitchen. However, synchronise the colour of your tiles, decors, furniture, equipment and paint to come up with a unified look.

Kitchen safety is enhanced with proper lighting and proper layout. Space and lighting are maximised or improved with your choice of paint colour. Dark colours can make your kitchen cramped and narrow while bright colours make it spacious and well-lit. Then too, colour helps create an ambiance for your restaurant that encourages appetite. It’s been found that the red, oranges and yellow makes an area cheerful and pleasant for cooking and dining. Painting and decorating your restaurant kitchen must be well-thought-out to make the area as efficient and attractive as you want it to be.…

Interior Design Business Secrets – 5 Tips to Tame the Paper Tiger, Stay Organized, and Make Money

Working with design professionals on their businesses, it seems too many are operating off of random piles, post-it notes, and a chaotic office. Organization saves precious time, creates greater confidence in your business, and allows you to always know exactly your success position. There are simple, proven techniques for getting and staying on top of the paper tiger.

Mastering Client Files

Each file folder should be clearly marked with the clients name, address, and phone contact, email also. To make it truly easy use project management folders, available at any office supply resource. These provide a chart that you can log your client visits and progress on the face of the folder. Keep all job receipts, samples, product tear sheets, and client notes in the file folder. When a job is complete, move the folder to inactive but follow up regularly!

Organizing Business Receipts

Non-client related receipts, such as those for marketing, office supplies, auto expense, insurance, employee meals and more must be filed monthly if not weekly. Simply you can use either an accordion file folder, or if (as mine do) you have far too many, then use 6×9 manila envelopes in a file drawer and label each clearly with the category of expense and the year. You can then easily deliver these to your bookkeeper or accountant in time for tax preparation and financials annually as well as quarterly.

Conquering Purchase Orders

While if you are truly on top of your game, you will do all of this electronically, it is very difficult to avoid paper from vendors! So print out a copy of each order, keep it in a three-ring binder with dividers by month, staple all relevant paperwork to each order. This makes it easy to track and follow up. Be sure to record the name and date of anyone you have spoken with regarding the order on the original P.O. In addition for quick reference you can keep a log book of all orders including the date, the PO number, the vendor, the goods ordered, expected due date, and date received. Old fashioned, but it works, yes you can do this in an excel spread sheet also! For ultimate ease, I make my own PO numbers, they are sequential, but I include the client’s initials before every number.

Tracking Your Time

Yes, most of us work at least on a partial or full hourly basis whether consulting, creating, designing, coaching or project management. You’ll make more money with a daily log than a once a week or once a month mental download. Create either an excel spread sheet in your laptop or PDA or on a green columnar pad and keep it in your car. Assign values to the time being spent (down the left side), is it consulting, resourcing, design, space planning, installation, project management? Assign project names across the top and then record dates and hours. The increment you work in is up to you, some do 15 minutes, others 30 minutes or …

How to Get a Girl to Chase You – 5 Field Tested Secrets

Every guy, whether good with women or not, knows how good it feels to be chased by a woman. But few guys understand that being successful with women requires a chase dynamic during every phases of the relationship- From opening all the way to being boyfriend and girlfriend. There are many ways we can set up the dynamic of a chase. And most guys still subscribe to the ridiculous notion that it’s the man’s job to chase the women. Well, that may work in movies, but it absolutely does not work in real life (not without some chase coming back the other way that is). So let’s talk about some great ways to get a girl chasing you like cat nip.

Let’s start with the simple concept of WIIFM. This stands for “What’s In It For Me?” Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Most people are so into talking about themselves that they’re just waiting for you to shut up so that they can talk about themselves again. When we apply this concept to women it’s extraordinarily powerful for building attraction. So here are five field tested techniques that will help you attract and keep the women you’re gaming by throwing out the WIIFM lewer.

Technique 1 – Tell the girl that you like 3 things about her. Naturally, she’ll ask you what they are. Tell her two, but on the third say: “I want to tell you third because it’s really good. And trust me; it’s not what you think. But I know if I tell you, you’ll stop doing it. So I’m afraid I can’t tell you.”

Technique 2 – When she’s really wants to tell you something, don’t let her. You can even look at the top of her head with a confused look on your face, like she has a poop nugget in her hair. She’ll naturally pause the story to ask you what’s wrong. Say: “Nothing. Continue,” And let her start the story again while you continue to look in her hair. She’ll ask you again, but just keep playing it off: “It’s nothing, drop it down a gear there turbo. Continue the story, I’m interested.” Then, when she finally begins her story, politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. When you return, tell a story of your own about how something funny happened to you once. You can even make up a story about how something funny happened while you were in the bathroom. For example, you can tell her a dudes toupee’ flew off when he hit the hand dryer cuz it was facing up and he didn’t know it (I don’t know, make something up). Keep preventing her from telling you her story right up to the point where she’s about to get mad. Then right before she completely loses her shooter marble, let her tell the story and listen intently. This will make her feel like she had to chase you down just to tell you something. Making girls work …

Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows on the Second Floor

If you have a two story house, and you are going to replace the windows on both the first and second floor, there are little tricks that you can use to make the upper floor job a bit safer and easier. If the windows are replacement style frames, you install them from inside the house, so the only thing that you will do different than the first floor windows is to use an extension ladder to caulk the exterior. So, let’s talk about doing retrofit style windows on the second floor. You can usually remove the old window from inside the house, but if you have a picture window, you have to use the extension ladder to remove the stops holding the glass in place. Then, you can go inside the house and cut the glass free from the frame using a utility knife. Put a tarp on the ground below the window, to catch any glass pieces that may fall during the removal. Also, don’t forget to keep people and animals away from the area below the window.

Once you are ready to install the new window, you can do it from inside the house. Remember, when installing retrofit style frames, you install them from outside and raise them into place. Instead, carry the window upstairs. If it’s a slider, remove the screen and sliding panel. Then, using a helper, you can angle the window frame through the opening, extending the retrofit lip completely outside of the opening before pulling the window back toward you, and installing the window as if you were outside. Have your helper hold the center bar while you put a screw into the top center to hold the frame in place. You can do the entire installation from inside. The only time you will need to go on the extension ladder is when you’re ready to caulk the exterior. Make sure you put a generous amount of caulk where the top of the frame meets the stucco or exterior material. You don’t want any water getting past the new frame, otherwise it can work it’s way through the wall and down through the ceiling or the walls. You would be surprised how easily two people can install an 8′ wide by 5′ tall sliding window on the second floor if you remove the sliding panels and screens. In fact, my helper and I did one 10′ wide and 5′ high. That was the biggest one I ever did on the second floor. You can run a bead of caulk on the outside face of the old frame before installing the new frame right from inside the room.

Now, if you are installing a picture window, it’s a little tougher. You can’t remove any panels to lighten the load, and it’s tougher to get as firm a grip on the frame. But, on the positive side, picture windows aren’t usually much larger than 3′ by 5′ on the second floor. If you have a large …

How to Move a House Using the FHA Renovation Loan Program

Do you really want a bargain when purchasing a home? Then the FHA renovation loan is the way to purchase, save money and get instant equity in your home.

This exciting renovation loan program allows a borrower to move a house from one location to another, have a new foundation poured and have the old house attached to the new foundation.

Some years ago, one of my clients was looking for a home, she was getting frustrated because she was not able to find a house within her budget that was the size that would accommodate her family.

At the same time she was looking for a house to buy, a developer in Roswell Georgia had purchased some land to build a sub division. There were houses on the land that needed to be demolished or moved so that he could complete his project. The houses were in good conditions so rather than demolishing them he decided to give them away, the recipient would be responsible for the cost of moving the houses. He donated the houses to a church, this was a smart move for the developer because it was a tax write off for him.

My client was an active member of the Church and she requested and received one of the houses; it was her responsibility to pay for the move. The new problem that she faced was not having somewhere to move the house right away. There where time frames that had to be met, because the developer had to get the houses moved so that he could start his build.

She started her search for land and was having the same problems she had when she was looking for a house, she was unable to find land within her budget that was large enough for the house. In a very rare instance HUD had a plot of land for sale inside the city limits of Atlanta. She would have to bid on the land and there was no guarantee that she would win the bid. She did win the bid and now it was a matter of her getting the house moved from Roswell Georgia to Atlanta Georgia a distance of about 15 miles.

The house movers had been contacted about the move, but they wanted their $9000.00 upfront and my client did not have that kind of cash. The beauty of the FHA renovation loan program is that the cost of the move can be financed into the loan, it was a matter of getting the House Mover to agree to wait for the loan to close in order to get his money. After speaking to the mover and explaining how the renovation loan program worked he agreed to wait until the closing, he also agreed not to take a deposit from my client because the loan program is FHA insured.

The cost of pouring the new foundation, attaching the old house and repairs after the house was attached came to $22,000.00. A 20% …

Extra Large Dog Houses For a St Bernard

The working rescue dog from the Swiss Alps also had jobs in security, herding and the hunting sector as well. Very versatile for a dog that is an extra large breed, the St. Bernard will stand approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and a full grown male can weigh from 160 to 250 pounds! So the breed has not only been famous throughout history for their ability to serve as rescue dogs but their size makes them notorious in tales of rescue as well. With their broad chests, thick necks and large heads these puppies are strong and even hold the world strength records for dogs.

If trained when they are young to be socialized and accept people and children they can do very well as adults. Because of their strength, size and weight it is critical they are trained properly as puppies. They are eager to please their owners and even thought they may not be aggressive they will draw your attention to visitors and with their size they can certainly be a deterrent against unwelcome guests. In a large fenced yard with their own extra large dog house to protect from wind, rain, and extreme heat they can be an effective security system. A giant like that barking and moving towards someone could certainly have them rethinking a home invasion.

As with all pets, proper training is aided when they have their space to go to. A sign that they need to relax and get their 200 pound bodies out of the way. The people in the house will need this, and the dog can benefit from having their own dog house to retreat too as well. A large fenced yard will allow them to stretch and roam and then go back to the comfort of their own home. They are adorable and devoted but this way they will be in place to watch the exterior of the house and hear any sounds and shed and slobber outside for a while.…

Granite Remnants – Get Free Granite

Do you love the look and durability of granite but think you can’t afford it? You’re in luck!

Fortunately, measuring and cutting granite counter tops to install in kitchens and bathrooms is not an exact science. In every installation job there are leftover granite pieces. Lots of these pieces of granite are small and end up in the trash. On the other hand some slabs of granite have huge scraps leftover. Many of these leftover granite pieces are more than large enough to create beautiful counter tops for a small to medium sized kitchen.

The granite shop or stone yard has already sold this granite once. They already charged someone for the slab and made their money on the granite. That means that they can sell it to you at a substantial discount. If you shop around you will find savings of 10%-70% off from the full price of the granite. They may even give you some smaller scraps that are big enough for a bathroom for free.

There is just one drawback but unless you are incredibly picky you wont find it to be a problem.

The drawback is that you have to choose from what granite the stone yard has on hand. You will have to be flexible on what you are willing to install in your kitchen or bathroom. You can also be patient. The stone yards inventory of remnant pieces can change from day to day if they are a busy shop. Check back often and you will definitely be able to find something that will look beautiful in your home.

Once you find a slab of granite that is big enough and that you enjoy it can be finished like any other slab of granite. You can have it cut and shaped into any shape that you need. You can choose to have a matching granite back splash cut from the same piece. The stone yard can work the granite like any other piece. The will polish the edges and seal it for you. No one will ever know that your granite was leftover from another installation and that you purchased it at a substantial discount.…

Home Cures For Thrombosed Hemorrhoids – Should You Pop It?

Imagine yourself being in so much discomfort from having a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid that you take matters into your own hands and actually attempt to pop your hemorrhoid.

I have heard stories of people doing just that, using a mirror and sterilized needle and actually making a hole in the swollen hemorrhoid. The drainage that comes out is smelly, and usually mixed with blood and pus. I would recommend, that before things get this far, you take a look into Home Cures For Thrombosed Hemorrhoids.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is simply a hemorrhoid that has become full from blood pooling there. It then begins to clot and a collection of blood, pus and mucus forms. These can become extremely painful and affect everyday life. Whether you are trying to sleep, eat or go to the bathroom; your hemorrhoid is constantly on your mind.

Here are some hints to relieve some of the discomfort..

  • After you go to the bathroom, dab with wet toilet tissue. The water makes the paper softer. Just dab the area, don’t wipe. You can also use a bottle (like the ones for dish soap) cleaned out and filled with warm water and use this to gently spray the area-then dab dry
  • Don’t strain when you use the bathroom. If you sit down to have a bowel movement and it is slow coming, get up and walk around a bit, then return to the toilet.
  • Soak in a warm saltwater bath three or four times a day. You can buy the sitz bath salt at your local pharmacy. This will not only relieve the pain it will also help to speed up the healing of your hemorrhoids.
  • Increase the amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that you are eating. The fiber in these foods will help to keep your stools bulky and easy to pass. Increasing your water to at least eight glasses a day with the fiber is important to help the fiber to work.
  • Increase the activity you get will also help in promotion of softer stools and the healing of your hemorrhoids.

Now the fact is that sometimes a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid can actually pop all by itself. Things like sneezing or laughing can bring the pressure of a very swollen hemorrhoid to the point of bursting.

Home cures for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids are proven to be very effective. If your hemorrhoid becomes far too full, swollen and painful, you can make an appointment with your doctor. The doctor can make a puncture or small incision to let the contents of the hemorrhoid drain out. This would lessen the risks associated with popping your hemorrhoid yourself.…

Cavity Walls Versus Solid Walls – What Should You Build?

In house construction there are only two design styles available, the Traditional Solid wall and the more modern Cavity wall construction.

The traditional solid wall was popular up until the 1920s where it was superseded by the cavity wall. The cavity wall was in its turn used in unchanged form until the 1970s when it underwent a significant design change when insulation was added to the construction.

In the older traditional method the walls would be constructed in one single solid wall usually 500mm in thickness. This single wall would perform all the necessary duties of supporting the roof and upper floors, preventing water ingress into the living areas and keeping the inside of the property warm.

All too often while the traditional method had no difficulty in performing the first of these three tasks, the job of keeping moisture out and heat in was outside of the solid wall design parameter especially in the cheaper, smaller properties, where the workmanship was and remains very shoddy.

Older properties (with the exception of the larger more expensive properties that were normally very well constructed) often suffer from ground water penetration problems that result in damp walls or rotted timbers in floors or roof spaces and while in the summer the thick walls offered a cool and inviting interior, in the winter months the lack of insulation in the exterior walls resulted in a drafty and very cold living space, which was costly to keep heated.

As a direct result of these problems the cavity wall was born. The advantages of using cavity wall construction are many. Firstly the cavity prevents water from passing across into the interior of the property, which immediately solves the problem of damp walls. Secondly the addition of damp proofing methods ensures that there are no more issues with water ingress from the ground or roof.

The cavity design also offered another benefit in that insulation could be added to the cavity, (although this did not come into effect until the 1970s) helping to retain the heat in the interior living spaces. In today’s energy conscious society there is now an even greater requirement to super insulate our homes.

One point to note is that while cavity construction has secured a lasting place in our home construction there is not and never has been any legislation that enforces this common design.

The use of solid walls has a few benefits that should not be ignored. The first of these is mass. The greater depth of wall offers its own natural insulation and has the natural property of keeping the property cool in warm weather. The wider spread of the wall loading also makes the property stronger and it less likely that the foundations will fail.

The higher cost of construction and the additional design considerations of foundations, dpc and other waterproofing elements are the main reason that this form of construction is no longer used in everyday house construction.

The solid wall construction can also be combined …

Down Comforter Cover – Do You Really Need A Duvet Cover?

A down comforter is not only a luxurious bedding item, but an expensive one at that. This is where a down comforter cover can come in handy and help protect it, but is it really necessary?

If you have had your down comforter for any length of time you know it can get dirty. But, cleaning it on a regular basis can actually damage the comforter or create other problems.

In fact, manufacturers of down comforters will tell you that you should only clean them once every 2-3 years.

A down comforter cover can help provide protection and extend the life of any type of comforter. Also called a duvet cover, these covers are somewhat similar to how a pillowcase protects your pillow.

The down comforter cover will prevent dirt, body oils, cosmetics and sweat from getting all over your comforter. Why is this important? Because the dirt and chemicals can easily break down the fibers in any comforter.

Another nice aspect of having a down comforter cover is that they can change the look of your bedroom decor at any time. Keep in mind that comforters can last for 20-50 years in many cases. Adding a cover to your comforter will let you change the color scheme without having to buy a new comforter.

In the end, if you are spending good money on a new comforter, it would be a very good idea to add a down comforter cover to it. It will give you many years of warmth and beauty.

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