Month: November 2016

Car Paint Scratches – Seven Things You May Be Doing to Cause Damage to Your Car Paint Finish

What you need to know about how to avoid the most common type of car scratch (swirl and spider). This article covers what to avoid and the single easiest way protect your car paint from the most common type of scratches that degrade the overall look of your paint finish. If you decide to remove micro swirl scratches yourself look for a car scratch remover designed to give professional results at home with a guarantee and good product support.

You may have noticed numerous ultra fine scratches known as a swirl or spider that is most noticeable on the hood, trunk and roof of cars. They usually stand out on a sunny day when you look straight down at them. If you really want a shock pull your car in a garage under direct overhead fluorescent lighting and brace yourself for car paint scratches galore. The majority of swirls or spider scratches can be traced to a poorly maintained car finish that is not regularly waxed or sealed. The 7 innocent things you may be subjecting your car to that can cause a micro swirl car scratch.

– Automatic drive through car washes are hard on paint.

– Automatic car wash workers with poor hand drying technique and substandard towels.

– Abrasive or dirty at home or self serve “brush wands” the type that connects to a hose.

– Using dish washing soap when washing your car at home.

– Wiping or rubbing dust or grit off a dry paint with a dry towel, rag or paper towel.

– Not using a chamois or premium micro fiber towel to dry a car paint finish after washing.

– Improper at home hand car washing technique – a subject all by itself.

NOTE: Anything from under the kitchen sink should never be used on your car because household cleaning products are designed to remove grease etc and are not properly pH balanced for automobile paint therefore over time they have dire effects on not only the paint but rubber and plastic as well. A high quality car washing shampoo is designed to gently lift dirt from car paint and leave behind luster enhancers that help protect the paint.

Pro trick to reduce the incidence of micro swirls after hand washing a car. Dry hoods and trunks front to back in one motion, not circles. Only use a chamois or micro fiber towels to dry car paint. Wipe the side of your car, side to side in a horizontal motion, not circles. The reason for this is any micro scratches you may induce will not reflect light as much as circular micro scratches will. Additionally, a professional quality car scratch remover designed for home use can remove fine micro spider scratches with great results.

The single most important thing you can do to protect your car from micro spider swirls is to use a quality sealant or wax at a minimum of twice a year . Preferably a quality car sealant which bonds …

Common Acronyms Used on Craigslist and eBay

Are you looking for good deals online? If so, you may turn to or These websites have great prices on a wide range of new and used items, including movies, books, cars, clothes, video games, furniture, home decor, and more. If you aren’t an avid internet user, one of the problems you may run into is internet acronyms.

Internet acronyms are basically abbreviations. You may wonder why a Craigslist or eBay seller can’t just type out what they want to say. Honestly, it has to do with our modern use of language. Due the popularity of instant messaging programs, tweets, and text messages, many Americans have grown accustoming to fitting lots of words into small spaces. This is with the use of abbreviations. Many have grown so used to using them that they don’t even think twice. That is why you are likely to find some abbreviations on Craigslist and eBay.

Even if you aren’t an avid internet user, some popular acronyms that sellers use are easy to guess. Unfortunately, others are a lot harder. If you see abbreviations in a Craigslist or eBay listing and you don’t know what it means, contact the seller for more information. You can also continue reading on for a list of common abbreviations found on classified websites and online auction websites, as well as their meanings.

DOA means dead on arrival. This phrase is used to describe items that don’t work. You are buying it and will receive it broken.

GU and LN both mean gently used and like new, respectively. Both are used to describe items that are used, but in good condition. In this instance, always ask for pictures, as we all have different views on “like new.”

NWT means new with tags. This is most commonly associated with clothes with the tags still attached. Boxed items can be associated with NIB, which means new in box. On the other hand, you may find NWOT or NWOB to describe items that are new without the original tags or boxes.

HTF, LTD, and OOP are typically used to describe older items, possible vintage or antique things. HTF means hard to find. LTD means limited edition. OOP means out of print, which is for books.

Most sellers, especially on Craigslist, will use words to describe what they are selling. You are more likely to run into acronyms on eBay. But, now at least you have some idea of what to expect.…

Bathroom Lighting Considerations

Choosing the best lighting options and fixtures for your bathroom is an important consideration in planning your bathroom remodel. Certain kinds of light, light intensity and light fixtures will be best suited to your needs in various areas within the bathroom, especially if you are remodeling a large bathroom.

Here are a few tips on choosing lighting for a bathroom:

  • Natural light is ideal in a bathroom. A good source of natural light, such as a window or a skylight (or roof window) will provide the light needed without energy use for artificial lighting.
  • Natural light is often preferred for make-up application. For this reason, it makes sense near a dressing table or a vanity.
  • An operable window (one that can be opened) also provides natural ventilation without the cost or the energy required to use an exhaust fan.
  • Bright light is desirable around showers and tubs because it makes it easier to see water on the floor that could cause a slip and fall.
  • Natural light can reach farther into the room if partitions are made of translucent glass blocks or panels.
  • Brighter light is generally preferred for shaving and personal hygiene, and thus makes sense near sinks and vanities.
  • Light fixtures used in bathrooms should be moisture-proof to prevent damage to wiring.
  • Any light fixture used in a shower should be one designed for use in a high-moisture area.
  • Lights directed toward the ceiling will make the room appear larger.
  • Using compact fluorescent bulbs in bathroom fixtures will last longer and save energy.
  • Choosing energy-efficient light fixtures will save energy and might qualify for a tax credit or a utility rebate (depending on your locality).
  • Lighting a vanity area from above will cause shadows.
  • Unless your bathroom is very small, some sort of ceiling-mounted lighting will probably be necessary.
  • Dimmer switches are a great idea for general lighting in any bathroom. If you want to create a subtle mood, you can dim the lights.
  • Lighting placed to illuminate mirrors should light both sides of the face and should total at least 120 watts.
  • If you want whiter light in your bathroom which best approximates sunlight, you should choose fluorescent, halogen or xenon bulbs. Although more expensive than incandescent bulbs, these are more energy-efficient and they last longer.

Thinking carefully about how lighting can work with your design and the specific needs of your family in various areas of the bathroom can make a big difference in your comfort in the bathroom, your energy-savings, and the choices you make in lighting for your remodeled bathroom. We hope these tips will help you make the best choices for your needs.…

Why Do Hotels Always Use White Linens?

When you are staying in any hotel, whether it is a luxurious resort or a highway motel, you might have noticed that the sheets, pillowcases and bath towels are almost always white.

The experience of drying yourself off with a white and fluffy bath towel and slipping between soft, clean, perfectly white sheets to drift off to sleep is one that many people associate with staying in a hotel. You might be wondering, why would a hotel always use white sheets and towels? What are the reasons behind this?

There are actually several reasons why many hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts use white bath towels, sheet and other linens. Here are a few of the main advantages to going all white:

White Linens are Interchangeable

In the hotel, all the linens can be washed together and it doesn’t matter which bed they are put back on. If one towel or bed sheet becomes damaged or worn out, it can be easily replaced with another without making any difference in the feeling of the room. This could not be done if each room had differently coloured linens.

They Are Easier to Wash

Hotel sheets and towels are washed very frequently, which is a good thing because you don’t want to be sleeping on the last guest’s dirty sheets! White linens are very easy to get clean because the hotel can simply bleach them on a very high temperature setting. There is no need to worry about colours running or fading or fancy fabrics being damaged. With the hot water and bleach treatment, all of the bath towels, sheets and pillowcases will come up looking like new.

White Linens Match Everything

Hotel room decor is usually understated and elegant, designed to appeal to broad tastes and to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. One of the reasons that hotels use white sheets and towels is that they are a neutral colour that will match with everything else in the room. The hotel can then use throw pillows or a pretty knit blanket over the bed for a splash of colour. The decor of the room can be changed according to style, but white will always be timeless and never go out of style.

White Linens Always Look Clean

When guests enter a hotel, they want the room to look as clean and pristine as possible. With a dark coloured sheet, it is more difficult to see stains and dirt and so guests might not feel like the hotel is very clean. With a bright white perfectly spotless sheet, they can be reassured that the hotel is as clean as possible because the white fabric shows off every single little stain and spot of dirt. This gives guests a feeling of trust that the hotel has nothing to hide and that they are following proper hygienic procedures.

These are just a few of the reasons why bright white linens are used in so many hotels around the world.…

Cultured Marble Care

A common bathroom surface material is cultured marble. Cultured marble is actually a surface composed of several materials, including marble dust, limestone and resin. The material is most common for bathroom vanity tops that have built-in sinks, but it can also be used for showers and bathtubs. No matter what surface is made of cultured marble, it is important to use the proper materials and procedures to keep it clean. Given its porous nature and malleable properties, cultured marble is not as resistant to stains and damage as other materials. There are, however, steps you can take to ensure your cultured marble surface lasts for years to come.

When it comes to cleaning cultured marble, keep one thing in mind. Do not use abrasive cleansers. Most cultured marble is sealed, and any cleansers containing abrasives or bleach can break down the seal. Water based cleansers work well for basic cleaning purposes. If you have soap scum or similar buildup on the surface, vinegar can break up the residue without harming the seal or cultured marble itself. If anything spills on the surface, be sure to wipe it up as soon as possible to prevent stains. Unlike other surfaces, cultured marble is susceptible to permanent stains, especially from materials such as hair dye and oil-based products. This is due to the variations in sealants used among cultured marble manufacturers. The safest course of action is to clean all spills right after they happen even if the manufacturer claims the seal will resist stains. Other options for preventing staining include placing a thick cloth over the surface while using products that can stain or using such products in areas that do not have cultured marble.

To maintain the finish of your cultured marble surface, consider how said surface looked when you first installed it. The main finishes available for cultured marble are satin and glossy. Satin, a low luster finish, requires little in the way of extra maintenance outside of regular cleaning. With glossy finishes, you may want to invest in a polish. Avoid polishes with carnuba wax, as these polishes are designed for less porous materials. Water or silicone based polishes are good options for this tricky surface. Some people may recommend polyurethane if the finish remains dull after polishing. Keep in mind, though, that it is difficult to apply polyurethane if you do not or cannot remove the cultured marble surface from the room. If the sealant spills on other fixtures, it can cause damage and may not be removed. Likewise, if the cultured marble has detail work, applying polyurethane into the crevices can take a long time. This is a project that can work with properly prepared cultured marble but is not recommended for those who are not able to invest a lot of time in the project.

Since cultured marble is more malleable than other kitchen and bathroom surfaces, it is more vulnerable to dings, scratches and similar imperfections. Use caution when holding heavy objects near or above …

8 Tips for Home Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners take advantage of kitchen remodeling to increase their home’s value and buyer pool.

Kitchen remodels often sell a home quicker and at a higher price thanks to kitchen updates.

Homeowners looking to sell their home anytime soon, may want to first update their kitchen. It is generally a 100% return remodeling project, helping increase the interested home buyer pool and usually compete better in a tight housing market. Kitchen remodeling projects don’t have to cost mega investment dollars. With wise planning, homeowners can gain a return of $2-3 on every $1 invested. That means remodeling a kitchen can actually earn money. Not all home remodeling investments carry the same high return; however, kitchen remodels are one of the best places to start.

Flipping the TV quickly shows the many options for today’s trendy cooking shows. Homeowners are enamored with the idea of being culinary masters like never before. Where budgets and location allow for high-ended kitchen investments, upgrading to a professional-style kitchens may capitalize on the cooking craze. Small to medium kitchen investments are almost certainly paying off. Expensive kitchen remodels can also gain higher numbers of potential buyers and attractive returns when the homes sell – if the right home designer and updates were made and marketed well.

Homeowners can create a completely new look with an up-dated kitchen remodel, transforming the room from closed off to vibrant, mulch-functional, and inviting:

* Add a custom island. A granite and quartz counter-tops is a favorites of home chefs. Create proper working space and surfaces that are attractive, durable and popular.

* Install a back-splash using natural stone

* Adding fun storage extends your kitchen and makes it so much more useable

* Use a fun new painting technique on your cupboard. New paint says “fresh and clean” in an instant, and is one of the most cost effective improvements. Hiring a pro can make all the difference cutting in edges and gaining “wear and tear” length of life. For selling faster, consider a neutral color such as light tan – think of coffee with cream.

* Change up your cupboards. Add a glass front to showcase favorite dishes. Try attaching a thin veneer to the cabinet’s surface, replacing the doors, and add new hardware for a finished and fashioned look.

* Install a new kitchen sink with a stylish faucet head. Sleek stainless resists scratches and is easy to maintain.

* Updated kitchen appliances to later models with energy saving features

* Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

The length of time a homeowner should plan for the project to take will be determined by:

1) the extent of the project

2) having the right materials ordered and on hand on time

3) your remodelers availability – it is good to schedule your project with the flexibility of fitting into your contractor’s calendar.

A kitchen remodel should reflect the home’s style. Be sure to enlist a professional home designer when attempting to go “modern” in a traditional or historic home. …

Exposed Brick Wall DIY

How to create an exposed brick wall

Firstly, what you’ll need:

Brick chisel

Small crow bar

Plastic sheets

Scrubbing brush

Brick sealer

Dust mask & eye protection

Step 1

Protective sheets. As you can imagine removing the plaster from your brick wall is messy work! This is particularly important if you have an old house with the original plaster. Whilst it may seem like a bit of work it is definitely worth using plastic sheets (painting drop sheets are perfect) and taping them to your walls and ceiling to completely seal off the area you’re working in. It is also highly recommended to wear a mask to protect your lungs from the plaster dust, and even eye protection as the dust can easily irritate your eyes.

Step 2

Pretty easy to see what’s next. Simply make a hole the plaster using your brick chisel. This is a good chance to expose a small area of the brick, perhaps somewhere hidden, to see if the quality of the brick underneath is good. Once you’ve created a hole, you can either use the chisel or a small crowbar to remove the plaster. Just tap it lightly to get behind the plaster and level it off. Be careful not to damage the bricks with the chisel or crow bar by tapping too hard. When you get to the ceiling and side walls ensure you neatly remove the plaster without damaging adjacent plaster.

Step 3

Once all the bricks are exposed the next step is to clean the bricks. Some people use acid to do this, but this can be messy and dangerous and not really required. Just some warm water and a sponge should be all you’ll need to clean the bricks. Wipe the dust off with the sponge regularly wringing it in the bucket. Repeat this 2 or 3 times replacing the water between each time until most of the dust has been removed from the bricks. If there are cracks or noticeable holes in the bricks now is your change to patch them with some cement. Small cracks and holes are fine, just ones that may impact the look of the wall.

Step 4

Sealing the wall. Various types of sealer are available for sealing bricks. Look out for brick sealers in particular. You can normally choose between gloss and matt with most people preferring a matt solution as it looks more natural. Follow the instructions on the can for applying the sealer, which normally suggest applying it 2 or 3 times. The sealer will also darken the appearance of the bricks with each coat.

Let it dry and you’re done!…

The In House Separation: Tips On Making It Work When You’re Separated But Still Living Together

I sometimes hear from wives whose husband is pushing for a marital separation. Because today’s economy is a tough one, I’m hearing a lot about “in house” separations. What this means is that no one moves out of the house. The couple typically agrees to try a trial separation in which one of them moves out of the master bedroom. They give one another the space to live separately. But no one is having to pay additional rent until they figure things out. Some wives see this as preferable to the husband actually moving out and some get pretty panicked at this scenario.

I recently heard from a wife who said “our marriage has been on the rocks for the past eight months. My husband is very direct in telling me that our marriage isn’t making him happy. I’m not all that happy either, but we have two kids to think about, so separating or divorcing is just not a viable option for me. However, my husband is caught up in wanting his space. So he came home and told me that he had read about an ‘in house separation.’ What this means is that he would move into our basement while I keep the master bedroom. We would both let each other be and he would have that the space that he thinks he can’t live without. He has warned me that he doesn’t want me questioning him or making demands of him. I suppose this is preferable to him filing for divorce. And it’s clear that neither of us can really afford to pay for someone else to have an apartment or another house. I guess what I am wondering is should I agree to this in house separation? Do these ever work to save marriages or do they just delay the inevitable which is a “real” or legal separation, or worse, a divorce?” I have a definite opinion on in house separations, which I will share with you below.

When Done Correctly, I Think An In House Separation Is Preferable To A “Real” Separation, Especially If You Might Want To Save Your Marriage: I actually sometimes encourage wives who want to save their marriages to suggest an in house separation. I know that there can be a lot of anxiety and awkwardness about the boundaries of the separation when you are living under the same roof. But frankly I find this so much preferable to trying to figure out a way to get a husband who has already packed up his things and left the house to change his mind and come back that same house.

Please believe me when I say that it is often easier to reform the marriage that you still hold under one roof than to save the one that is now living somewhere else. Will you have hard work to do during the in house separation? Absolutely. Will things be awkward and weird? Most probably. But is this easier than trying to …

Modern Furniture & Designs Provide Smart Look to Executive & Home Decor

Modern Furniture comes as an impressive choice for all classy minds who believes in leading an aristocratic lifestyle. With home furnishing becoming an integral part of interior designing, the demand for modern furniture has increased by leaps and bounds. They have made it easier for you to decorate different portions of your home according to your wish.

Such furniture is available in multiple options. Depending upon your choice you can select different home furnishing products that are either made of top quality leather or fabric in vibrant colors. Blending traditional values and modernity, the furniture not only delivers console and appealing look but also brings a sign of inventive appeal to the whole internal d├ęcor of the house.

It is observed that living standard of the individual has also changed with the change in lifestyle pattern. A wide stream of people is heading towards opting modular eye-catching furniture due to space crunch. The modern furniture USA serves the purpose beautifully, judging the needs and aspirations of the people. The furniture in question not only plays the role of beautifying the home but office as well. Because of this reason recently, we find large number of people eying for such attention-grabbing and functional furniture.

The furniture comes as long-lasting, fresh and relaxing with multi- functionality. It sticks to original and brand new material to provide a lasting impression in the mind of buyers. The collection and its ergonomic look can offer you horde of things that you truly require to make headway and show your creative bent of mind. Well, if you are planning to renovate or revamp your office with class furniture, it is high time you have a look at Exotica Unique’s collection of cool furniture. Their lavish offerings are scientifically made keeping in mind the usefulness of target buyers who seek for accuracy and unmatched comfort. Exotica tries its level best to live up to the expectations and utility of the buyers.

Buying modern furniture is not as hard as one might think. Well, if you cant make up your mind in selecting proper furniture, no need to be panicky, as online marketing is ready to keep you tension free. The use of internet has brought a new meaning in the world of window shopping. With online selection marketing, the buying of modern furniture nowadays has become quite a simple and possible thing. There are multiple of online modern furniture sites that serves useful enough in broadening your search for furnishing, offering correct information and fine points on the furniture.

To speak frankly, with online convenience, people not only enjoy the benefits of buying and selecting furniture at ease but also finds time to come to a decision, deciding the budget. It makes sure that not only you grab the right one but everything along with it. Here you get the chance of selecting furniture according to your budget, taste and preference. Well, be it your office furniture search or home based furniture, browsing furniture sites can help …

The History of the Parsons Dining Chair

A parsons chair is a special kind of upholstered dining chair. The name has nothing to do with the clergy. The chair was named for its origin – it was created in Paris in the 1930s, by a designer at the famous Parsons School of Design.

When designing the chair, the Parsons School designers didn’t radically reinvent the idea of the chair (as, say, the Bauhaus did in Germany). Instead, the designers streamlined historical influences, kept what worked, threw away what didn’t, and created an enduring modern classic. The main traits of this – its naturalism, simplicity and linear look – are classic Modernist traits, but the style reflects 1800s Mission and Arts and Crafts styles, the Art Nouveau styles that emerged later, and the Art Deco that was contemporary at the time of the parsons chair’s design. The simplicity of the chair fits with these styles and a great variety of others, both classic and modern.

Originally, it was meant to be used in a set with the parsons table, whose linear look reflects a similar aesthetic in the matching chair. However, in a bit of irony, the simplicity of both has led to them being adapted separately into many styles of furniture and decor. The result? Today, they are rarely seen together. The parsons style is so adaptable that many who own a parsons table or a parsons chair have no idea that companion pieces exist. The parsons chair is virtually always crafted of hardwood, and features a slightly curving, squared backrest and legs. They are usually featured with slipcover upholstery that entirely covers the legs and gives it a solid, monumental appearance. This slipcover is optional or absent on many recent models.

Most parsons chairs nowadays are direct clones of the original Parsons School design. However, many recent variations exist, including versions with cabriole legs, Chippendale-influenced designs, shorter or taller designs, and versions with armrests, versions inspired more or less by Art Nouveau or Art Deco, and so on. The original Parsons School design was upholstered in leather, and this is still a very popular upholstery option, though microfabrics are increasingly used. The wide variety of options available today should ensure that you’ll be able to find one that’s right for you.

Due to its simplicity, comfort and ease of cleaning, the parsons chair remains enduringly popular, especially in restaurants. In fact, you might already own and enjoy one without realizing what it is. We hope that knowledge of this chair’s history should deepen your appreciation for this unique design.…