Month: May 2018

Desert Cooler& Room Coolers

A desert cooler is an air cooler that requires to be fitted onto a window. Room coolers on the other hand are portable machines provided with a trolley or castor wheels for easy movement across the house or office. The running mechanism of both these is same as that of the air cooler.

The basic difference then between the desert and the room cooler is that the former suck s the outside air overhauls it with the water and throws the moisture laden air into the room and the latter pulls in the indoor air and re-circulates it back after cooling it. The portability factor and the body of the room coolers generally make it easy to store them when not in use.

With summers already in, buy the best air coolers in India from one of the online e-commerce sites. You will take home not only a device to help your family live through the excruciating heat but also certain other benefits that will make you smile. The benefits of buying online are:-

  1. Options of various deals that the sites offer. The final outcome is that you spend much less than what you had budgeted for. Deals like cash back offers, discounts of using cards of certain banks, EMI options if buying on credit and cash on delivery option
  2. Good discounts on the market price thereby making the cooler price even more reasonable and affordable.
  3. Free delivery service at the address provided. No need to call and follow-up regularly. Track your shipment online after logging in to the site.
  4. Full information of the product is available online to read and understand the functioning with detailed technical specifications and descriptions. The procedure for handling the device – the to-do’s and not-to-do’s are clearly specified out.
  5. Views and ratings of other customers who have bought the product and are using it.
  6. The product package consists of the warranty card. Option of extending the warranties is also available online
  7. All online sites offer a specified period of time for returning the product if not as per your desire. Refund of money or buying another product at the same price are also easy options provided by these online portals.
  8. Lastly, the bills are emailed to your email id thereby making it easy for you to track later when required in case of a repair or any other service covered by the manufacturer within the warranty period.

After all this, who would want to visit an electronics shop at the market physically and waste valuable time and energy? Remember that after buying the air cooler, adequate steps are taken from your end to take care of the device. Even if it comes at low cooler price, it’s still an investment from your end. Electrical gadgets work well for years without any failures when timely and properly maintained. Read through the manufacturers’ manual well before using the air cooler especially specifications regarding running the air cooler without water or cleaning the cooling pads or servicing …