Month: January 2020

18 Types of Metaphors

The first extremely obvious question is – What is this darned metaphor? Another fancy name? Well… yes and no. It is fancy, but also effective. Charged with energy. Stuffed with genius. By definition, a metaphor is a figure of speech where two entirely dissimilar words or phrases are brought together to suggest a similarity. Confused? What are examples for?

All the world’s a stage

Yes, it’s Shakespeare and he is comparing the world to a stage. You generally don’t see the world as a stage, you see it… as the world, the earth, the mother; but not a stage. That is why it’s a metaphor. Because it has brought together two entirely unrelated things and made sense with it.

That was simple. But there is no peace, here starts the rollercoaster. (bet you won’t enjoy it right now)

1. Extended or telescoping metaphor or conceit

When your metaphoric insight has developed, then you cannot restrain yourself to just one metaphor. Like –

All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players.

This extension – “Men and women are merely players” has made this an extended metaphor. The author stretched “the world” and “a stage” by introducing parts of “the world” (men and women) and “a stage” (players). Of course, it has to make sense. You can’t extend it by comparing men and women to an ipod. Sounds distasteful? Exactly.

2. Metonym

When you’ve grown tired of clichéd words and are searching desperately for a word closely related to it that has not been used to death, that word is a metonym. A new word to replace an old one. Of course, an example. The pen is mightier than the sword. This saying in itself has become clichéd, but originally the thought was otherwise. Here, the pen stands for the freedom of expression and the sword for the power of authority. Now, if you said, freedom is greater than power, nobody would have said Wow. That’s why Pen and Sword instead of freedom and power.

3. Mixed metaphor

Some of us fail to create a good metaphor; such a twisted, out of tune metaphor is called a mixed metaphor.

The waves of emotion have punctured my heart.

Can waves puncture? They do in a nonsensical world, but most of us are still sane, but widely tolerable of nonsense and that is why such nonsense is given a modest name of mixed metaphor.

OK, for info’s sake – there are two kinds of mixed metaphors: permissible mixed metaphors and impermissible mixed metaphors. Never use impermissible ones, so that leaves me to explain only permissible ones.

Permissible mixed metaphors make sense even though the parts are not directly related.

We’ve weathered plenty of storms with an iron will.

There is no connection between weathering the storms and an iron will, still it sounds right.

4. Absolute metaphor

A perfect metaphor to show craziness and confusion. In an Absolute metaphor, the metaphor actually, really, truthfully, doesn’t make sense.

She broke upon a …

Garden Arbor & Pergola Designs

When planning a landscape design, garden structures such as arbors and pergolas are wonderful elements to incorporate. These structures not only provide a strong focal point in the landscape, but they can also be utilitarian as well, serving many purposes that vary depending on the size and design used. Garden arbors and pergolas can range in size from as small as 24 inches to as large as 10 or 20 feet across. In this article, we'll discuss some varying arbor and pergola designs, and how you can use these structures to your advantage when planning an overall landscape or garden design.

When we talk about the design of a garden arbor or pergola, we're talking about the material as much as anything. The type of material used in making the structure will have a big impact on the look and use of the end product. There are three primary materials used for garden arbors and pergolas: wood, metal, and plastic. All three materials have their pros and cons, as we will explain.

Wood is probably the oldest type of material that has historically been used for constructing arbors and pergolas. It is inexpensive, readily available, and can be easily cut. Furthermore, wood can be stained or painted to match another existing structure, such as the house, shed or garage. One downfall of wood is that it does decay over time. Wood can also harbor certain types of pests, and it will eventually rot, splinter, and crack. The types of wood that can be used in an arbor or pergola are almost endless, but generally it's a good idea to look for a wood that weathers well and resists decay, such as cedar. For a rustic look, consider using log cedar. For a very basic, rudimentary structure, you could even use fallen timber, branches, and twigs tied together.

Plastic arbors and pergolas can be purchased in almost every color imaginable. When choosing a vinyl unit, be sure to look for a plastic that is treated with a UV inhibitor, so it will not fade or discolor over time. Vinyl is a good choice if you want your end product to be reliably maintenance free, because it will not need to be stained or painted. A vinyl arbor or pergola typically lends itself to a clean and modern design. White vinyl can be an especially attractive choice for an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer.

Metal arbors and pergolas are probably the most durable and long-lasting choice. In terms of their design and style, many have an almost gothic appearance, and they tend to mesh well with wrought iron gates and wings. There are many types of metal to choose from, including iron, steel, and aluminum. Depending on the type of metal chosen, you may encounter rust on the structure over time. A good powder coat paint finish will slow this process. Aluminum can be a good choice because it will not rust like steel, and it is also lightweight and …

Event Decor Committee – What Are My Duties?

Event decorating for adults is a bit different than a typical children’s birthday party. Sure, you can decide on a theme and then search the Internet to see what’s available but 9 times out of 10, your search results are going to be geared towards children’s parties.

Some decorations can be adapted for use with either but I do not recommend decorating a grown up gala event with toilet paper and a few balloons. It will give your guests the impression that you did not care enough to plan and execute a decorating scheme. And, with a fund-raising event, this can be detrimental. You are asking guests to spend a lot of money to attend this event (babysitters, ticket prices, buy auction items, attire of the event, etc…). They want to be entertained, amused and feel they are important.

The other end of the spectrum is hiring an event planning service or having unlimited funds at your disposal. Neither of these options may suit your budget. If not, then it’s time to visit the “in-between” option.

Most events have a general committee made up of the Event Chairperson and sub-committee chairpersons. Decor is usually a sub-committee that deals with the decor planning for an event. This may include any number of areas within the event (room, table, buffet, auction tables, entrances, etc…) and I recommend it does cover all these areas and any other where any type of decor will be needed.

This will make it easier to keep track of the decorating budget and who’s responsible for what. I also recommend that the Decor Chairperson work closely with other committees that will also use the chosen “Theme”. It is necessary to have cohesion, a sense of continuity when a theme is involved.

For example, say you decided as a committee your theme will be “Ancient Egypt” and your color scheme will be gold, purple and teal. Great!

Now at a full meeting of all committees, you learn that the “Print/ Marketing” committee has decided to use a red font and a Fleur-de-leis on the invitation. Huh? Uh-oh: major “one hand does not know what the other hand is doing” scenario.

This can and should be nipped in the bud. A theme/mood and colors should be decided right from the start so that all committees are working toward the same end.

Duties could include the following (and anything else unique to your event).

• Secure volunteers for your committee. (Remember to use anyone with a background, knowledge or contacts that could be useful to the decorating committee.

• Decor should create an environment for the event. Make a detailed plan of all decor needs/wants.

• Your plan for decorating should be in accordance with the rules of the venue and within the limits of the theme (if you have one).

• Work with other committees where decor will overlap (i.e. food, entertainment, auction tables, invitations, etc…)

• Purchasing decor, set-up and breakdown of decor

• Reimbursement/purchase orders for decorations – …

Tips on Starting a Bathroom Furniture Design Project

Bathroom projects can be very fun and rewarding, especially for newbies. It can serve as a practice field, to getting accredited to home decor and interior designing, and be the pride of someone's joy in it's finished work. A few tips on preparation and getting started on the project are as follows:

Choose Your Theme : Think of what you like and what would make you comfortable, if you had to be in there for a long period of time. Think of your favorite colors, certain shapes that you like, etc.

Get To The Stores : Go to local department stores and ask to see their selection on home decor. More often than not they will have several floor plans on display, in the bathroom design section. These prototypes are good for inspiration, if you do not have your own idea set in mind yet. It gives a sense of direction on where to start with a project, while advertising various vendors. Look through them all and check the quality, compare samples, etc. Patience is a value in this step for it is you, that will be seeing your finished work day in and day out, so be resilient.

Budget : be sound wit your budget, but leave some sort of margin. For instance, you may set your budget within a certain price range, to compensate for products that may be a little under or over your fixed price. Remain disciplined however, in your price range. Excitement and nifty dialogue by merchants can quickly carry you way beyond your means, so set goals and stick to them.

Below are some ideas on furniture and amenities to begin your bathroom furniture design project:

  • Space savers are good ways to fit many items within confined space. They come in many different sleek styles and colors, and traditionally set up behind the toilet seat tank or catacorner about the bathtub / shower, as they extend from floor to ceiling, with various sections or shelving to place toilet items. Some newer model space savers are designed like mini cabinets that can be freely mounted throughout the bathroom.
  • Storage benches are another hot commodity on the market. This ingenious invention serves two purposes. One as a sitting spot, for larger bathrooms that offer company. The material is usually of a suede or some other soft cushioning. It also serves as storage space, to discretely place items.
  • Lounge chairs are typically single functional, simply offering comfort for inviting company. It can also serve as style to compliment the theme of your project.
  • Vanity mirrors are another crave of the general public. People like to see themselves when preparing for the day, and what better way to do that than with a stylishly designed lighting structure that illuminates bright lights and makes you feel like a star.

With these ideas set in mind, you can now go into your project with a little stimulation and confidence for achieving your bathroom furniture design goals. …

How Much House Can You Afford?

"How much house can I afford?" Have you ever asked yourself that question and are still wondering the answer? Well, I have the answer for you.

There is no magic dollar amount that you should be looking for regarding the "perfect home". How much house you can afford is as unique as you are; it's based on many factors, including your location, income, savings, personal preferences, and most importantly, the house-buying plan you have in place.

The most ideal way to buy a house is the 100% -down plan. Sounds weird, does not it ?! But think how much fun that would be! Do not borrow money. Period. If I can not get you to postpon the purchase that long, I consistently suggest you save a down payment of 20% or more, choose a 15-year (or less) fixed-rate mortgage, and limit your monthly payment to 25% or less of your monthly take-home pay.

You want your home to be a blessing, not a curse. If you buy a house with nothing down and a huge monthly payment, you're inviting Murphy to move into the spacious bedroom. You do NOT want Murphy as a housemate – believe me! Slow down and realistically think through everything before you jump head-first into making this major purchase. If you do not, you'll just be giving Murphy an open invitation to overtake the house.

Here's a quick checklist of important questions to review as you consider how much house you can afford. If you can not answer YES to these questions regarding the house you have your eye on, then it's not a wise move to buy it right now.

  • Can I make at least a 10% (preferably a 20%) down payment?
  • Can I keep house payments at or below 25% of my monthly take-home pay?
  • Can I afford to take out a 15-year fixed-rate loan?
  • Am I working closely with a real estate agent I can trust?

Happy house-hunting! …

Folding Table and Chairs Features and Advantages

Folding table and chairs nowadays are becoming popular as they offer so many advantages in its use and features. Not only are they common in most business establishments, they are also very common in residences with limited space as well. Folding type of tables and chairs can offer the convenience of conserving space in a room and to display them only when there is a need to use them. Most small sized rooms find the best convenience of using foldable chairs and tables as it allows for more room to move around when the place barely has space to use.

Parties may be held outdoors and the best thing to use for this occasion would be folding chairs and tables. They are very handy to carry around especially when you take them from one place or another. Whether the family is having a simple outdoor picnic in the garden or for a simple gathering of varied occasion, you can always find the convenience of using them for displaying the foods on a movable table and when you are eating a sumptuous meal outdoor.

Most notable persons who use folding table and chairs are event organizers. Because of the demands of their jobs for holding various events in different places on various occasions, owning a number of chairs and table sets that can be easily taken anywhere is very convenient on their end. There are designs that are fit for any kind of occasions available that will be best to use depending on the event. The challenge often comes with finding the sets that will be perfect for an event and occasion with the right number of chairs to take into the event. Hauling is easier for foldable furniture because it can also save space in a delivery truck.

Most folding table and chairs are made of durable and heavy duty plastic and lightweight material for handiness and easy transport. Most of these foldable chairs and tables are easy to disassemble and can be set-up quickly. They often come in a unique folding mechanism that cannot be easily damaged with frequent use.

When purchasing a folding set for this furniture, one should take into consideration the sizes of the table and area where it will be placed, the number of chairs, and the purpose before buying. There are different kinds of styles and designs that will be perfect for all occasions and one may also find it appropriate to select the one that will complement the design of the room where it is supposed to be placed.…

Pest Control Advice (How to Kill Cockroaches)

If you live in a warm climate, you know that roaches can be everywhere and that they can enter your house at any time they want. And it is very disgusting to see cockroaches crawling on your wall, floor, and any part of your home. Cockroaches have been around longer than we have and so getting rid of them won’t be easy. You will need the assistance of a pest control professional in dealing this kind of problem.

There are simple rules which you can follow in dealing with the cockroaches. First thing you should know about cockroaches is that they breathe through their skin. Cockroaches need oxygen and they cannot breathe if their shells are covered. An easy way of killing them is by putting oil to their skin. You can use olive oil or any kind of oil would do just fine. All you need to do is spray them with water mixed with the oil. This method will suffocate the cockroaches.

Another thing that many people recommend is vinegar. Spraying vinegar will suffocate the roaches as well, according to experienced home owners. Vinegar is known to work not just in cockroaches but in spiders as well. Rubbing alcohol is also another suggested cockroach killer. Mixing rubbing alcohol in water and spraying them with the roaches will be effective. Any way in which you can put a cover on them so they can’t breathe would be an effective strategy.

You really have to address the issue why these roaches are hard to find and look for ways to eliminate their food source, shelter, and other ways that they can survive. Seal any food source in your home properly. Make sure you clean the kitchen, the floors, and all areas which would be potential for roach infestation. Also make sure that there’s no water or moist area waiting for them.

These methods are very common and you can adopt them on a daily basis. But if you have tried all these tricks and still found roaches crawling in your house, then it would be high time to call your local pest control company for quality assistance.…

How to Use Roses in Your Garden

Roses, as the most popular type of flowering plant going these days, are, quite literally, everywhere. Nine out of ten gardens will have some form of rose somewhere within them and their uses are almost as many as the colors they come in. Whether you choose climbing roses, hybrid teas, floribundas or the always popular miniature roses, rest assured that each will have a proper function as part of your garden's ecosystem and set up. Too, there are a number of roses for every climate and condition, so wherever you are, you'll be able to find a rose that suits your needs.

Rose Color
The most obvious use for roses has to do with color. Although it has been touted that different color roses symbolize different things, you need not get hung up on the color meaning of roses. Most gardeners design their gardens around chromatic themes (or simply pick the colors they think look best), leading to them choosing the breed and type of rose more for hue than anything else. Roses come in many different colors-red, pink, white, black, blue, orange-so whatever color you have in mind, a rose will most likely be able to do the job. But make sure that the colors you choose are complimentary to the rest of your garden. There's nothing worse than your roses being lost in the shuffle of colors.

Covering Bare Space
Too, roses are perfect for covering bare spaces along walls, benches, pillars, trellises or any number of garden structures. Climbing roses of all descriptions are perfect for this. And, in a space-limited environment like many backyard gardens, climbing roses can also provide some much needed color in surprising places. Climbing roses are among the most easily trainable of roses and can be used to great creative effect with time and patience.

In fact, roses of all types are easy to shape and control, which is another bonus for the creative gardener. If you need landscaping plants – plants that can provide living boundaries for the rest of your garden, or even ornamental decoration – then roses are probably your best bet. Hardy and resilient, roses can survive any number of maulings, whether through the attentions of an inexperienced gardener or Mother Nature, and they take to being shaped well. As background plants, they excel in causing other types of flowers to 'pop' as well. Essentially, roses can be used to compliment any decorating scheme.

Regardless of why you plan on using roses, there are a few factors to be aware of. When you choose a rose to go in your garden, make sure it compliments the surrounding landscape of your garden. You do not want to pick the wrong color or type to go in the space you've chosen.

In the end, it's the intense versatility of the rose which makes it so popular among gardeners and landscapers. Roses can be used in a variety of ways, they come in many colors and have a wide …

Want to Instantly Spruce Up Your Room? Try a Mirror!

Typically used in interior decoration to create an illusion of space, the modern day mirror has its origins dated as far back as 6000BC when man most likely used pools of dark, still water, or water collected in primitive vessels to create the reflections we now take very much for granted. From bronze mosaic wall mirrors, to vanity mirrors, mirrors can add sparkle to your decor; add depth and light to small room spaces; and or add glamor to a bathroom. This article will offer tips on how to effectively spruce up your room with mirrors.

In contemporary art, the softness of old mirrors is sometimes replicated for use in interior design. Reproduction antiqued mirrors can bring color and texture to an otherwise hard, cold reflective surface. It is an artistic process that has been attempted by many and perfected by few, however, to the end user mirrors are somehow the easiest way to bring to life, not to mention a fresh sense of class, sophistication and drama to any room in today's modern home.

A shining example of emphasis on style put to the test, or as the case may be, demonstrated by bronze mosaic wall mirrors make up an array of wall mirror designs that range from the grace and opulence of oval mirrors, to the vanity style mirror that is traditionally a popular addition of choice for dressing areas, make-up tables or bathroom counters. It is therefore not uncommon for contemporary artists to use mirrors as the material of art, like in mirror-sculptures and paintings on mirror surfaces. Some would even build special mirror installations such as neon cubes just to enhance their reflection.

Armed with this short background on mirrors and how and why they came into existence, it is time to stimulate your creative flow in working with mirrors to add color and grace to your living space.

Mirrors do not always have to be for looking into to see a reflection of yourself … that much we do know. And neither are they a quick fix solution to creating a sense of space to an otherwise cramped and even even bland looking room. Mirrors, when applied correctly to surfaces in your home can easily make a statement as to who you are and what you are about. Mirrors can talk. That's what I always say. Here are a few simple tips on how to make mirrors speak to you and of you when used correctly in interior decor.

To brighten up a room, place the mirror on the wall opposite the window in that room. It's reflection of light entering the room will instantly brighten up the room during the day and add depth and the feeling of space when the curtains are drawn by night. And in the case of a room without a window, use a mirror to increase the brightness of a room by placing a bright burning lamp on the mantle or atop a shelf in front of the mirror. …

Exclusive Wood Yard Decking Ideas – Understanding the Different Varieties and Benefits

Decks are nothing but an addition to the living area of your property. It gives you a comfortable and convenient space to enjoy your outhouse area. With an excellent deck design, you can enjoy your beautiful neighborhood, while remaining safe against the curious eyes of the strangers. As for the material, your options are many; just settle on your needs and pick the most suitable material. However, the most commonly used materials are tiles, concrete and wood. Wood is an effective yet cheap option for deck construction.

Wood deck design – The different varieties

There’s absolutely no alternative to a well-planned deck design. Here are a few handy ideas that prove beneficial in this deck construction process.

Pool Deck

When it comes to deck planning, this is possibly the most popular trend. Here, the poolside area turns into an engaging place for sunbathing and barbecuing. You may use tile or concrete for deck construction, but the wooden variety is more popular. However, make sure that the material you use is completely rot-resistant and slip-resistant. Two of these common varieties are redwood and Larch wood.

Curved Deck

Even though this variety doesn’t suit small gardens, it enhances the dramatic element of your garden. Curved decks don’t use your yard space in an excellent way, but a well-planned deck fits well in the limited area of your garden. In short, they add loads of beauty to your property. However, make sure that your curved deck design makes the best use of the available yard space.

Formal Deck

If you need a true extension to your property, this is the right thing to opt for. These are pretty traditional in their look. Some of its common features include crown moldings, patterns and layered trims. These decks come in a pre-finished variety to suit the overall aesthetics of your house.

Architectural Deck

This variety covers the obscure details of a typical deck design. However, the installation process is pretty complex as well as expensive. Although the design appears quite simple, the intricate work makes it costly. The layout consists of roofing, flashings and drip edges.

Wood decks – Benefits over other materials

The wooden variety holds multiple advantages over other deck building materials. Here are just a few of them:

  • Wood is strong and the most fitting material for deck building.
  • Wood has the capacity to bear extreme weather, including extreme heat and snowfall.
  • The upkeep cost is pretty low.
  • In comparison to other materials, wood appeals more to our eyes and senses.
  • Wood is a naturally safe material for deck building.