Day: March 3, 2020

Stanley Mirror Door

If you've decided your bedroom could use a makeover adding mirrored closet doors is one of the quickest and most effective ways to do this. And a Stanley mirror door is one of the best choices you can make.

Stanley has been building closet mirror doors for years and they devote a lot of time to making sure fitting the replacement doors is a quick and easy undertaking. And they also provide a variety of terrific options in style. What more could you ask for?

Nothing seems to brighten up an area and add style like a Stanley mirror door. It's the perfect way to complement your existing décor or turn up the heat and give your room a new face lift. And what a great way to show your personal style.

These mirrored doors are made from only the best quality glass. You will experience no distortion and images will be crisp and clear. The sliding system is of the highest quality providing quiet and smooth opening and closing. In fact the hardware has been tested to the equivalent of 25 years use and Stanley is so confident in its quality it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The mirrors have a safety backing so they will withstand impacts. They are available in a sliding style, swing style, or bi-fold style. The doors are easy to install and they look great not only in a bedroom but also in a family room, foyer, or bathroom.

So what are the styles available?

1. Framed Mirror Doors

Add a touch of class to any room with these beautiful framed mirror doors. Choose slider or bi-fold styles.

2. Swing Mirror Doors

The newest addition to the Stanley lines is these 6 panel mirrors which are perfect for a closet, bath, or bedroom.

3. Frameless Mirror Doors

Because of the no frame design these doors provide a beautiful uninterrupted flow that is a real compliment to any room's décor. They are available in both sliding and bi-fold styles.

4. Wood Frame Mirror Doors

The wood framed doors create quite a distinct look to any room. Choose from a variety of finishes from a rich mahogany finish to a chic white finish. The frame width is available in both 2 "" and 4 "widths. The distinction of these doors makes them an excellent choice for almost any room.

5. Classic Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Door Panels

The classic design is fitting to any room from the most traditional to a contemporary style.

6. Solid Mirror Wardrobe Door Kit

Here you can have your paneled doors match your room and then opening presents a full mirror. Nice touch to a bathroom.

There are many different manufacturers on the market that offer quality mirrored doors but Stanley has been in the business for what looks like ever and with Stanley you can certainly count on quality and pricing.

A quick search online will reveal many sites selling Stanley products so do your research and find out who has …

Live Forex Trading Room – Don’t Be Next in Line at the Forex Slaughter House!

I never though I needed a live Forex trading room. When I first tried to learn how to trade Forex, I tried to learn on my own. Besides, I spent 15 years as a personal financial planner and thought I could do it on my own. I thought I was doing everything right. I started off with a demo account and was doing pretty good. Sure, I read a few e-books and attended a couple of webinars and even bought a $59.00 course. I didn’t even realize I had no real idea what I was doing until reality set in. It was like getting hit by a Mack truck. I opened a live account and started getting slaughtered. Every time a put on a trade it started to feel like I was next in line at the Forex Slaughter factory.

After a couple of months of torture a realized I needed to practice what I had been preaching for the last 15 years. That was, education first. With the proper education comes knowledge and then confidence. I bought quality, reputable Forex courses and attended a live Forex trading room. That’s when everything changed in my Forex career.

Learning from an experienced, professional Forex day trader in a live Forex trading room is the best route you could take if you are serious about becoming a full time forex day trader. If your concerned about the cost then consider the potential losses you will have or continue to have if you don’t get the proper training. Befor you know it, your account could be down $1000.00 or $2,000.00 in a matter of a few trades. Take that two thousand dollars and put it towards your education and learn in a live Forex trading room. You can also recoup those funds while your trading together in the live room with the professional trader.Imagine being a fly on the wall in a live Forex trading room.

You will be able to watch, learn and trade from a seasoned professional Forex trader in a real time live market. You’ll be able to interact and ask questions. You’ll also be able to see the exact entries and exits under all market conditions with the luxury of an explanation as to why the trade was entered and exited. The goal in a live Forex trading room is to educate you so that eventually you can take trades on your own without any assistance. In my opinion, there is no better way to learn how to be a successful Forex trader then learning it in a live Forex trading room and experiencing real time education during live market hours.

Breakdown of What to Expect in a Live Forex Trading Room

1. Each trading session, the Forex teachers will do a pre market analysis

2. Trading During Live Sessions with other Full Time Traders

3. Develop your trading skills in a safe, non-threatening environment

4. Learn trade with other experienced and like-minded traders

5. Learn to Trade Low …

The Color Purple by Alice Walker: A Short Summary

In this poignant epistolary novel that relates the story of two sisters Celie and Nettie, Alice Walker condemns racial and sexual oppression and severely criticizes the brutality that victimized the black women especially in the South. This is an extraordinary tale, painful and uncomfortable that plays out over two decades of Celie’s life through her letters beginning at age 14, when she is sexually abused by her stepfather, who later removes her children.

Celie’s real nightmare begins with her marriage to Albert, who rather needs a servant than a wife to take care of his four children, look after his house, and work in his fields but Celie is happy to marry him to save her younger sister Nettie from her father’s clutches. However the latter constrained to leave for refusing the sexual advances of her sister’s husband goes to Africa as a missionary after promising to write to Celie. With this painful separation and a complete silence from Nettie, her life worsens and Celie begins writing to God; a correspondence without any hope of reply but yet these missives save her from despair… She continues addressing to “Dear Good Lord” and relates her miserable condition, describing the nightmare of the violence and isolation but also hope, when her husband brings home his mistress Shug Avery for Celie to nurse her back to health.

This girl unlike Celie is sexy and independent and with Shug she discovers the mystery of Nettie’s silence for her husband has been hiding her sister’s letters in a locked trunk and finding them unlocks a new world to her. With the sensual Shug Avery, Celie familiarizes with her body, learns self-esteem and also love; realizing the full extent of the abuses suffered from her husband also gives her the strength to start a new life with Shug. Her sister’s letters completely transform her when she learns that her father was not actually her biological parent and her childhood house actually belonged to her and Nettie since their mother passed away.

These letters also reveal that her sister Nettie is living with a Reverend who has adopted her two children and several decades later, when they return the sisters at last have a blissful reunion. In this excellent novel, the author uses the themes of violence and sexual abuse to a stunning effect and the development of the main character Celie, displays her transformation from an unhappy, miserable person into a happy, successful, independent woman.…