Day: May 5, 2020

5 Fun Things to Do With Your Pillows

Everyone has pillows, but the question is what do you do with your pillows? Sure you can sleep on it like every one else in the world but what else do you do with your pillows? Decorate? Sit on them? Squeeze them between your legs? BORING! I’ve always wanted to know, “What can do with my pillows that are fun?” So I have come up with 5 fun things you can do with pillows.

1. If any of you have ever played the classic game “spoons” before then this game is for you! Today we are going to take spoons to the max with Ultimate Spoons! Rather than having the spoons sitting in front of you, collect all the pillows and blankets you can find and stash them in a pile. Then strategically hide the spoons through out the pile. When some one collects the necessary cards and shouts, “SPOONS!” Everyone dives in and wrestles to the death until all the spoons are found. Who ever is left with out a spoon is out!

2. Everyone likes to have a “good time” with that special some one and we all know that a little teasing never hurt in order to produce something frisky! Grab the softest pillow you can find, sneak up on your mate and snag him/her with the pillow. Before you know it she’ll be hittin’ on you and you will be in the middle of a sexy pillow fight which is bound to lead to something frisky with your lover.

3. Of Course there is the classic Pillows Fight, which everyone loves. Especially when having sleep overs. Gather all the pillows you can find in the house, grab time, set it, then start bashing the crap out of everyone you can until the time is up.

4. One day some buddies of mine and I went camping at a lodge which had TONS of mattresses and pillows as well as a little balcony that we could jump from. As we studied our surroundings the wheels in our brain started turning. And this is what we cam up with. Pile all the mattresses and pillows up to create a soft landing for your little tushy. Then Climb to the top of the leg and jump for it! The fall and super soft landing will create an adrenalin rush you just can’t get enough of.

5. And finally, have you ever had a bad day? Well hell, crab a crappy pillow that has feathers in it, crank up your favorite song and relieve some stress. Rip that pillow to shreds and let the feathers fly!!! Don’t you dare let one pillow stay in that pillow! Throw them every where, jump in them, toss them over your head and shout “yippee!” And before you know it, you will have forgot what it was you were mad about.

So what will it be? A frisky little something with that special someone? An adrenaline pumping game of Ultimate spoons? or perhaps just …

City Times and Other Poems

Vihang A. Naik’s compendium of poetry, entitled City Times and Other Poems, is a delightful selection of delectable poems written in free verse. This collection is brief, yet profound and provides the reader with a thought-provoking and enchanting manner is which to spend an hour or two.

City Times and Other Poems is divided into six sections that all feature a similar theme. The first section, “The Love Song of a Lost Journeyman,” acts as the prelude to the rest of the collection. Each piece in this particular section speaks to the rather fleeting nature of many of the most profound moments in one’s life, whether those particular instances are filled profound joy, intense melancholy, or a deject apathy. A soulful reader will find commiseration in this section, as he or she will be able to reflect on the sparse beauty of the poetry and inflect his or her own respective emotions into the words.

The section “Mirrored Man,” reads as a series of the author’s autobiographical reminisces and observations, many of which can be construed as nearly universal feelings of questioning and curiosity. The third poem of “Mirrored Man,” is a musing on the nature of appearances, and how the outward skin is often unreflective of the true nature of the interior. The author’s metaphor of a chameleon’s ability to change its skin at will is undoubtedly profound. Further, the untitled seventh poem of this section reflects on the truth that a mirror holds, and this particular poem’s many layers of meaning show a full depth of authorial skill on the part of Naik.

The section “Path of Wisdom,” collectively holds some of the strongest poems in the entirety of the collection. Each poem here holds minute and masterful philosophical tidbits that stay with the reader long after the pages of the book are closed. Inspiring the reader to make the most of his or her life, to be kind, to be patient, and dozens of other different profound pieces of advice, “Path of Wisdom” is by far the most uplifting and deep portion of Naik’s work.’

The final section shares the work’s title of “City Times.” Here Naik places the unquestionably longest poem of his collection, recalling what is presumably his own trip to his grandfather’s house in India. As Naik describes passing by his grandfather’s photograph, through a musty attic filled with long-forgotten paraphernalia, and to a dusty desk, the reader can almost imagine themselves present, filled with a sense of longing and nostalgia. This poem will speak to any reader who has visited the former home of a deceased loved one and there has experienced a flood of contradictory emotions.

Although some of the poems in City Times and Other Poems may prove too dense or abstract for any but the hardiest and most experienced of poetry aficionados, Naik’s collection will ultimately prove a delight to any reader looking for a profound and thoughtful collection of poetry.…