Day: May 6, 2020

Balancing Pregnancy, Life, and Work

Have you ever walked into a room or sat at your desk and looked at the pile of crap that has to get done? As you’re standing there you wonder how in the world can two people, who feel like they are never home, accumulate that much laundry and dishes. I mean seriously. The amount of laundry that piles up in my house with just my husband and me is insane and I know it’s going to get worse when little Davie gets here. I’ve never been a superb house keeper but as I stared the third trimester in the face I knew I had to start changing habits now in order to make our lives easier once our lives get turned upside down with a newborn.

The first order of business? Catching up on all the housework I hadn’t done in the first trimester. For those that didn’t know the first trimester was rough. I was sick all the time and I had absolutely no energy. I was easily in bed by 7 and regularly took naps on my lunch break at work. The house was the absolute last thing on my radar and it showed. So here’s where I started putting my game plan together.

Step 1: De-clutter, Deep Clean, and Reorganize. I knew that I wanted to get rid of as much crap in the house as we possibly could but I also knew that if I didn’t break down the projects into more “bite-size” pieces that I wouldn’t get any of it done. So I made a “Nesting To Do List” where I broke down each room and what needed to be cleaned and/or replaced. I made a commitment to get one “big” project done a week. Whether it was going through my closet and dressers or decluttering our desk (that had become a catch all) I got something done each week. That has been such a tremendous help. Within a month my kitchen, laundry room, guest room, master bedroom and bathroom was gone through and cleaned. This included going through and getting rid of excess clothes, knick-knacks, pots, pans, dishes, shoes, bags, anything and everything I didn’t need or use often was donated. I washed down walls, cleaned ceiling fans, appliances, etc. This is Spring Cleaning on Crack. I swear to you it has made all the difference in the world and keeping it on the fridge helps keep it in the forefront of my mind. I’ll explain why here soon.

Step 2: Set a New Precedent. Start small don’t make your new “rule” CLEAN ALL THE THINGS EVERY DAY. You are setting yourself up for failure that way. I started by making sure dinner’s dishes did not sit in the sink over night. I made my sink of hot, soapy water before I started cooking and as I was finished with something I would put it in the sink. That way you avoid the “I’ll just let this soak here overnight.” Nope. No more …

Where Do Bathroom Cabinets Come From?

You may be amazed at how many places there is to search for bathroom cabinets. I can recommend the internet and the nearest specialist. At the bear minimum have a brief description of what type of bathroom cabinets you really want. Try and get an idea on the net as to costs and availability and then go to a few of the well known high street stores. It will help you not to get over charged. A great deal of the upper end bathroom cabinets can be cost so you should really know what you are going to finish up with. Your bank account will tell you if it's in the budget.

The cost difference of a bathroom cabinets from a continent to a different one is massive. This is down to the cost of moving things round the globe. And as well how little individuals earn in every country. Please look at the place of origin. I would think it will be the far East. It has been like this for ten years now.

Any person you has had any experience in purchasing good quality ones before bought to be consulted. I am certain they should assist you. To agree to a trade at this moment would be a very bad idea. A discount probably will be misleading. If you were in their shoes you would push the one that you will make the most from. You really should not go for it just yet.

Now you've done the hard work you should be building up a good idea of ​​the end buy. Try to not get too way in front of things though at the moment. You truly musn't rush into a decision. Because of the high cost of the bathroom cabinets you really are required not to rush at this moment. Almost all good bathroom cabinets stores will help guide you along the way. You may wish to stay to the store you have got favorable with. You should consider that you could trust him now. It could even save you money. Being on good terms with a shop may influence their discount.

You should feel comfortable with the deal on offer to you. Before you sign up it may be an idea taking the price to other stores and receiving an alternative quote. You should then realize if it is a fair price. They might well want to put you in contact with previous clients. I would start to panic if they can not provide this service. With the way things are in the world now you recognize how much you had to work to be fortunate enough to be able to afford your brand new bathroom cabinets. Do not make it a costly mistake. …

Five Ways to Save the Interior Lives of Your Books

Often when buying books, we as dealers are impressed with a book when we first see it, but when we open the book we change our minds rapidly. Even well-intentioned book lovers often fail to ensure that the pages of their books are as well cared for as the exteriors. Books can be well shelved in a cool dry place and yet the state of their pages dramatically reduces their value. Here are the five mistakes book-owners make.

1 Books defaced with ink and pencil

Yes, people still destroy their books with names, places, notes, underlining and other marks in ink, felt-tipped markers and pencils, even colored pencils. The only writing permitted in books is the author and / or illustrators' signature, preferably without a dedication. This should be in ink, no pencil, and should preferably include the name of the place where it was signed and the date.

2 Food and teeth marks

The excuse "the dog ate it" is not much of a joke when it comes to books. Puppies and toddler definitely love chewing books. You would be surprised at the number of books we find that have deep tooth marks inside and out. This is usually accompanied by torn pages. Toddlers do not stop at chewing books. They find the sound those tearing pages make very diverting. And there seem to be a lot of curry-eaters who enjoy reading their valuable books over lunch. Yellow food marks are often in evidence, particularly in those nail-biting bestsellers. Keep children away from books and do not read books when you eat.

3 Marks made by paper

Most people do not realize that paper can damage paper. By leaving a receipt, a postcard or a thin card bookmark in a book over a period of a year or more, chemicals from the small piece of paper can permeate the pages of a book, leaving a perfect negative image on a page or even both the pages that have been sandwiching the paper for months and months. If you are not reading a book, do not leave a bookmark in it. This goes for leather bookmarks too. They are generally thick enough to damage a book if any weight is put on it or it is tightly squeezed into a bookshelf.

4 Sticky tape damages books

It astonishes me the way many people take the trouble to cover a book with plastic, brown paper or wrapping paper, usually with the intent of protecting the book, and then sticky-tape the paper quite aggressively to the inside covers of the book. The damage done is two-fold: first the tape rips the paper when it is removed, and if the tape is never removed it yellows and causes the paper underneath it to turn yellow as well. If you cover your books make sure you keep the sticky tape away from the book itself.

5 Dust is death to books

Dust is no good for books, particularly for the edges of the pages. …