Did Your Boyfriend Stop Talking to You? Learn the Main Reasons Why Guys Stop Talking Suddenly

If your boyfriend suddenly starts distancing himself or stops talking to you then you are entitled to feel alarmed about it. After all the emotional investment that you have made you deserve to be treated better. However, please note your boyfriend is well within his right to do so. Here are some reasons why he is doing this. Identify the real cause and address it before he goes away forever.

He is missing his bachelor days

Unknowingly you are tagging along with him wherever he goes. There is not a moment when you are not with him except when he is in the bathroom/washroom. If this is the case he is missing his bachelor days when he was a free bird. Give him lots of space and he will start talking to you once again.

You are fast forwarding the relationship

He feels that you are in a rush to settle down. If you are fast forwarding the relationship because your biological clock is ticking then that is not the right thing to do. Go slow and do not exert any pressure. In fact don’t talk to him for a while and he will begin to miss you once again.

He is still not sure of his feelings

The reason he stopped talking to you is because he is still not sure of his feelings for you. He does not want to be the villain and is therefore trying to create an artificial distance so that you get the hint.

He feels that you are manipulating him

Are you blackmailing him emotionally? Do you always insist that he does things your way? If that is true then an apology is in order. He is your boyfriend and not your slave, he deserves lots of respect.

He has some personal issues to sort out

There could be any number of personal issues that might be forcing him to put the relationship on the backburner. It could be that a close family member is going through a breakup or maybe his parents are separating. Whatever be the case assure him of your support and things will be fine.

He wants to focus elsewhere

Maybe he has realized that being in a relationship is like a full time occupation and he wants to focus all his energies on his studies or profession. If that is the reason why he stopped talking to you, encourage him. He will thank you for it and will also resume talking to you.

There could be a third person

It is quite possible that your guy must have met a new girl that is more attractive or one that matches his wavelength. If that is true then you are better off without him. There are plenty of guys you can date. All you have to do is look for them in the right place.…

Faucets Review: Which Among the Huntington Brass Faucets Suit You?

Although faucets essentially perform the same functions, it is quite easy to observe that faucets come in various forms, whether they’re intended for bathrooms, kitchens or elsewhere. If you have been fascinated by or at least gotten familiar with the brand Huntington Brass, then this page will be able to aid you.

Huntington Brass Faucets come in a variety of collections that each have characterizing traits and intended target users. These diverse products can be classified together into three main collections- Platinum, Décor and Professional.

The first main category is the Platinum Collection. This main group is divided into Signature, Platinum Luxury and Residence Collections. Under the Signature group are four types of Huntington Brass Faucets. These are Intrigue, Favari, Monarch and McMillan.

If you want to appear elegant but a desire to avoid the label of being too conservative or too liberal, then Intrigue faucets may suit you best. These faucets have relatively simple but definitely non-boring patterns. A big advantage of the Intrigue class is its compatibility with virtually any bathroom or kitchen decoration. This makes sure that your selected product will not stand out too much or won’t just be neglected.

Favari is ideal for supporters of minimalism. There’s a significant number of people who strongly concur that art is not about the quantity of comprising characters, but rather it is purely about the impression impacted upon the observer. Favari design showcases a viewpoint that is straight to the point. Its plain but neat nature exudes a level of sophistication that even non-minimalists may appreciate.

Monarch contrasts Favari but this does not mean that one is weaker compared to the other. Both can be deemed attractive, but they differ in terms of their target audiences. Monarch marks an impression through the carefully crafted details and timeless curves that distinguish this faucet type from others. This demonstration of curves and fine details embodies grace and analytical sophistication.

The new and the old don’t have to always belong to two distinct entities. If you want to mix contemporary with classic, then McMillan faucets are your best options. The hex design is the classical component, while the flair exemplifies modernity.

If you don’t like Huntington Brass Faucets falling under the Signature Platinum Collection, you can always try the Platinum Luxury Collection and Residence Collections. Atlantis, Jewel, SeaCrest, Wyndamere, Wyndamere Classic, Montage and Versailles are the available options under the Luxury Collection while the Residence Collection is made up of Bellezza and Remington faucets. If you can afford spending lavishly, then you may consider any of the Luxury Collection faucets. They come with higher prices but their increased sophistication and appeal will definitely factor out the added expense. If you don’t want too much deviance but still desire some uniqueness, then Bellezza or Remington will definitely do.

If you don’t find the Platinum Collection interesting, you can always take a look at faucets included in Décor Collection. Available models are Emory, Merced, Carmel, Sienna and Cypress. These models are characterized by …

The Best Shower Enclosures – Which Shower Enclosure Should You Use?

Shower enclosures now come in a vast array of styles and sizes. The shower enclosure has become the focal point for most bathrooms. This is due in part to the time saved by taking a shower over having a bath, but also because consumers have become mindful of the water saving benefits fitting a shower enclosure can have, over a traditional bath tub.

How do you choose the right shower enclosure for you? Well, size and shape are two of the most important factors to consider. If you intend to be showering every day rather than taking a bath then you will soon get fed up of say a small 760 x 760 square shower enclosure. This size has its uses in confined spaces, but if you can stretch to an enclosure of at least 800 x 800 or 900 x 900 then you will have far more space for movement. This is very important as generally most people will keep a new shower enclosure for around 10 years – that’s 3,650 showers taken if you shower every day. The average shower time is 10 minutes, so you will spend approximately 25 entire days of your life in that shower enclosure over its lifetime – so it’s best not to get something too small!

If the shower is going into a corner situation, then there are various options:

Square Enclosures

Square enclosures can have one fixed side known as the side panel, and one opening side called the shower door. The shower door can be pivoting, bi-folding, sliding and even opening inwards in its design. Square shower enclosures are the most straight forward design and usually the cheapest to buy. Popular sizes are between 760 x 760mm up to 1000 x 1000mm

Rectangular Enclosures

Very similar to the square enclosure, these also comprise two sides and a choice of opening door mechanism. However, the allow a greater choice of sizes from 900 x 800mm up to 1800 x 900mm and virtually all sizes in between.

Quadrant Enclosures

Quadrants have become very popular due to the stylish curved looks and generous showering space. There are equal quadrants i.e. 800 x 800mm, 900 x 900mm, and also offset quadrants with popular sizes from 900 x 800mm to 1200 x 900mm. Offset quadrants allow more room than an equal quadrant with one side longer than the other. Quadrant shower enclosures can have either sliding doors or pivoting out doors.

Walk In Showers

Walk in shower enclosures are becoming ever more popular as a bath replacement. They are usually between 1200mm and 1700mm in length and around 800mm in depth. The walk in shower gives a large showering area, and does away with the need for a shower door by having a permanent opening or gap between the front and side glass panels. Walk In showers are very stylish and luxurious looking. However, bear in mind that with a permanent opening it can let heat out if your bathroom is not kept very warm!…

Foods That Relieve Constipation Also Help Prevent Bowel Impaction

Foods that relieve constipation should be eaten on a regular basis by anyone that has bowel impaction or problems going to the bathroom without straining. Straining when going to the bathroom has actually caused a heart attack in many people over the years.

You do not have to be a victim if you just eat more of the foods that relieve constipation, and less of the foods that cause constipation on a daily basis. A heart attack is not the only health problem you can develop as a result from being constipated.

Chronic Constipation can lead to many other health problems:

— Bowel Impaction

— Re-absorption of toxins into the bloodstream

— Headaches

— Malnutrition

— Indigestion

— Hemorrhoids from straining

— Varicose veins

— Diverticulosis

— Irritability

— Bowel cancer

— Auto immune diseases

— Abdominal pains

— Depression

— Weight gain

I know I sure don’t want any of the symptoms listed above. If you suffer from any of the symptoms on the list, then you would greatly benefit by eating more of the foods that are on the foods that relieve constipation list below, and avoid doing the things, and eating the foods that cause constipation that I have also listed below.

Foods that relieve constipation

— Psyllium husks

— Ground Flax seeds

— Okra

— Prunes

— Dates

— Extra Virgin Olive Oil

— Potatoes

— Lettuce

— Onions

— Carrots

— Green peppers

— Apples

— Pears

— Oranges

— Grapefruits

— Grapes

— Strawberries

— Beans

— Other fruits and vegetables

Causes of constipation

— Eating refined foods like white flour that contain no fiber.

— Eating a lot of Cheeses


— Pizza

— Cookies

— Drinking sodas and sugary drinks

— Eating a lot of Meat (meat has no fiber in it)

— Getting dehydrated

— Overeating nuts and seeds (soaking Raw nuts overnight in water will help but they are not as tasty)

— Drugs or Medications

— Improper diet

— Not going when you feel the urge and “holding it in” because you are not close to a bathroom or think you are too busy.

Over the years we have discovered that the same foods that relieve constipation, are also the same foods that are very healthy for you. The reason they are so healthy is that they contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and they are high in fiber. Also if you eat them raw (except beans and potatoes) they will also contain living enzymes that aid in digestion.

Let me just go over with you a few of the worst foods to eat if you are trying to relieve constipation.


Cheeses are very clogging to your digestive track. Every time I eat cheese, or meals containing cheese, it feels like my stomach turns into a knot, and I usually feel clogged up with stomach pains for a few days until it has worked his way back out of my system.

However I have been on a healthy diet program …

Cleaning Services That Can Save You Time And Effort

Cleaning can be a tedious process, especially when you have a large space to cover. Whether you wish to keep your residential or commercial space sparkles, a lot of effort and time will be needed. With busy modern lifestyles, most people rarely have the time to spare to do some thorough cleaning. Luckily, companies have made it very easy for individuals and companies to maintain clean spaces by offering all kinds of cleaning services. Using these services, you can enjoy a neat home or office without the need for you to do all the tedious work and without putting so much of your time in it.

Carpet cleaning services – The carpet is an essential item in a home or even office, apart from keeping the home appealing, it also adds to the comfort. It is however also one of the items most exposed to dirt, allergens and dust. Regular cleaning of the carpet is important, yet it can be quite a challenge. Cleaning companies offer all kinds of carpet cleaning services including steam cleaning to keep this cozy rug in top condition.

End of tenancy cleaning services – This kind of service is available to property managers and owners as well as individuals who wish to clean after themselves when they move house. Cleaning a property after moving out ensures it is in good condition for the next interested tenant and it maintains the value of the home. Cleaning professionals offer thorough cleaning services that include cleaning of windows and walls as well as all other surfaces to have the house looking as good as new.

After builders cleaning – Building projects can leave quite a mess that can take all time and effort to clear. Cleaning companies have all equipment, tools and products to clean after builders so your house or office can have a pleasant overall look free from all the mess that comes with the building process. Because of the extent of this kind of job, you may be assigned a team of cleaners to hasten it and achieve the desired results.

Domestic cleaning – It touches on everything that your home may need. Using the professional domestic cleaning services, you can even have your appliances cleaned, your bathroom scrubbed and sanitized and even your windows and carpets cleaned. Upholstery cleaning services also fall in this category. The professionals will definitely transform every area in your home with their expertise. The services are packaged depending on what service needs you have meaning the charges differ depending on the extent of work.

Office cleaning – The cleanliness around your office can go a long way in keeping a positive image of your business. High traffic offices require regular dusting and cleaning and the companies offer all these services. You can schedule the service depending on the exact needs you have within the office to keep every section looking organized and tidy. Some of the cleaning experts will even offer office de-cluttering services when required.…

How Do I Stop My Jack Russell From Peeing In The House – House Training A Jack Russell Puppy

That’s a good question. How to house train a Jack Russell puppy is one of the most daunting tasks you’ll face as a dog owner. However, because Jack Russells are so intelligent, house training a Jack Russell puppy can be accomplished easily and quickly if you follow some basic guidelines.

Puppies 8-10 Weeks Old

Depending on how old your puppy is, you may be expecting too much. If your puppy is too young, physically, he may not be able to hold his bowels. Most dogs come to their new homes 8-10 weeks of age. At this stage, they are unable to hold their bladder for an entire night and they have to be taken out every few hours.

If your JRT is less than 6 months old, be prepared that you’re going to have less than perfect compliance to house training and that you’ll have accidents at times. Be patient and stay positive.

Getting Started

First, and foremost, if you really want learn how to house train a Jack Russell puppy, you have to be willing to take at least 2 weeks off work. Why? Because you’ll need to keep watch over your pup very carefully so that you can sense when he has to pee and then intercede.

Designate His Own Space

Designate a space just for your JRT. Make it a space where the floor is easy to clean. This will be his play and sleep area. It should be an area that can be easily closed off and small enough to be manageable.

This will be your terrier’s “room” until house training gets under way and until you introduce the crate. Get him a blanket – perferably one with your scent on it, a bowl of water and some toys, and keep it in his new “room.”

Don’t Let Home Roam Free

If you’re serious about house training a Jack Russell puppy, and want fast results, your Jack Russell can’t have free access to the house until he’s fully house trained.

I know that sounds cruel, but there’s a good reason for this kind of rigid restriction in the beginning. If you give your dog free reign of the house, he’ll pee all over the place. You won’t have an opportunity to intercept him and take him to the appropriate place you want him to eliminate – which is outside.

When you’re learning how to house train a Jack Russell puppy you’re going to be asked to do a lot of things that seem cruel to your dog at first. But you’ve got to trust the process and do what you’re asked to do if you want results.

Keep Your Eyes on Him Every Minute

Your job is to watch your pup like a hawk. If you have to wash dishes, tie a tether to him, this way he can only go so far and you can still catch him in the act if he starts to go to the bathroom.

During Jack Russell house training, it’s …

How to Prepare a Safe and Clean House For Your New Baby

Preparing for a new addition to your family is a process both necessary and intensive. You must install child locks on the cabinet doors, put hazardous materials out of reach, paint and furnish the nursery, all the while with an ever-expanding waistline for mom! Cleaning your home from top to bottom is just as important as stocking up on diapers. Do it early enough so that you don’t endanger mom’s health or the baby’s, and hire a professional service if it helps you relax. Try to complete these cleaning steps in advance, invaluable to ensuring a safe, clean homecoming for your bundle of joy.

• Remove all pet dander, dust, and allergens. Newborns don’t yet have fully formed immune systems, so take the initiative to kill as many homegrown allergens as possible. Vacuum all carpeted floors and do a thorough dusting, especially in those dark corners and hard-to-reach ledges were dust bunnies love to hide.

• If possible, remove curtains and drapes-the primary home dust collectors. If only in one room of your house, at least replace these in the nursery with blinds – they dust easily.

• Clean and disinfect all the surfaces where tiny baby hands tend to grab. The television remote may look harmless, but actually teems with germs that could cause illness. Use a non-toxic wipe or homemade cleaner to effectively remove up to 99.9% of germs in danger zones like the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, food-born illnesses always pose a risk, especially for newborns. Make sure all surfaces stay “so clean you could eat off them,” as food tends to touch these surfaces anyways.

• Place soap, water, and clean hand towels at all the sinks in your home for guests to wash their hands before holding your newborn. No matter how awkward, enforce this rule, especially for young children, who carry a lot of germs. Make sure that every visitor washes their hands for at least 30 seconds before cradling the baby. Everyone, especially mom, remember to wash your hands after using the bathroom, sneezing, or preparing food for yourself or the baby. New moms, keep in mind that your child will quickly become used to the germs that naturally live on your body.

• In the changing table drawers, keep a hand stash of cleaning products in addition to a generous supply of diapers. You’ll want to clean the table after each change with a disinfecting wipe or homemade spray. You can use these products on other areas in the nursery, like the crib, where the baby will inevitably put his or her mouth on the bars and tiny hands on the railing.

• Keep all feeding items clean, especially before the first use, and ideally after every use. Boil brand new bottle nipples in hot water, and throw out old pacifiers and nipples that are cracked or stained. Instead of using a harmful chemical like bleach to disinfect baby products, simply soak the bottles, nipples, and breast pump attachments in …

How to Make Out, Good Tips For Beginners

Making out can be a wonderful thing, when done correctly. It’s really not as difficult as some people would have you believe, but it’s also not as easy as other people would have you believe. In this article, you’ll learn how to make out. Good thing to know, hmm?

To Make Out, You Must Already be Kissing (Duh)

First, you should already be kissing, or about to kiss. See some of the other articles I’ve written on how to accomplish this. I would love to give you a link, but I’m not allowed to. Check my profile!

Check Your Breath!

Make sure your breath smells good. Eat a mint, or suck on a hard candy. Be sure to dispose of these before you start making out! Do NOT chew gum. It is a common misconception that chewing gum will make your breath nice. It will, for a brief time, but then after a few minutes, the gum will just make your breath stale and your mouth dry. If you are really concerned about your breath, chew the gum for just a few minutes, so your saliva is working and the sweet sugary taste is in your mouth, then quickly dispose of it. Also, try to avoid strong flavored foods before making out, like garlic, unless of course, the person you’re about to kiss has been eating the same foods.

Brush the Teeth?

The best thing you can do, obviously, is brush your teeth. If you have a really important dinner date, it might be worth your while to pack a toothbrush, or leave one in your car. After the meal, excuse yourself to the bathroom for a few minutes, and brush your teeth! Your partner will definitely appreciate this easy step that will ensure your breath is fresh and minty (I prefer mint toothpaste anyway). 🙂

When your lips meet your partner’s, begin kissing in a rhythmic motion. Keep your lips slightly open, and even think about using the tip of your tongue. Stick to one side, to get comfortable with the motion.

The Secret Word

There’s a secret word that you can say, to help you practice this motion. I read it once, in a book, and tried it out, and it’s really quite amusing and useful. It perfectly mimics the required motion of open lips, darting tongue, and gentle rhythmic motion required for good making out. I reveal this word to you, for free, on my kissing blog. How to Kiss GoodThere’s a ton of great information about how to get a first kiss, how to make out, and much more on there. After you finish with this article, go check it out!

While your lips are occupied with your partner’s lips, remember to think about what the rest of your body is doing. Use your hands to hold your partner’s face and increase the intensity of the kiss. This works for both girls and guys! A great spot to put your hand is on the soft area …

How to Loosen Tight Braids in 6 Ways

You get home after a day of braiding. Your head still hurts. You thought your braids would eventually loosen up on its own but it’s as tight as it was in the hair salon. Suddenly you wish you had the superpower to turn back time.

But you can’t, so how do you get rid of the pain?

There are ways to loosen tight braids. Ideally, you will want to loosen the braids without destroying the box braids, cornrows or other African braid styles that cost you time and money. Here are some things that can help:

  • Massage
  • Shower
  • A pencil
  • Moist heat
  • Leave-on conditioner
  • Braid spray

Lucky for you, there are ways you can loosen your braids. Simply follow any of these tips below.

Massage your scalp

The relief that comes from massaging is not foreign to us. By gently massaging the exposed areas of the scalp, we are effectively pulling hair away from the scalp and loosening the braids. However, try not to get carried away as you still want to retain those braids.

Hop in the shower

Taking a shower immediately after installing the braids can make you question the longevity of the braids. But isn’t it much better than thinking about how long your hairline will last? Get into the shower and let it rain on your braids. As warm water runs down your hair, rub your scalp gently but not vigorously. You can apply a moisturizing conditioner at this stage. Pat your braids with a towel and leave it to dry naturally.

Stick a pencil or other object in

To loosen braids individually, stick a pencil or something cylindrical and smooth into the center of each braid. Use a thinner object like a skewer for smaller braids. Alternatively, combs can also be used to loosen the braids that are close to the scalp.

Get some moist heat

One effective way to loosen those tight braids is to apply moist heat to it. By placing a towel wet with warm water, you separate the small braids that are very close to the scalp. Leave it on your head for an hour. Another way to do this is to apply steam onto your head directly. You can do so using a handheld steamer or by running hot water inside a closed bathroom and just standing there. Be sure to save the water and use it for something else, like watering your plants or washing your clothes.

Apply leave-on conditioner

A fuss-free way to loosen tight braids is by applying leave-on conditioner. The conditioner will smoothen hair and reduce the tightness of your braids. However, use moderately. An excess of it will make your scalp oily faster and cause itchiness later.

Apply braid spray

Braid sprays come with many functions. Some relieve the itchiness brought about by keeping braids; others help in the removal of your braids. Regardless of which type of spray you use, braid sprays will help to ease tight braids by softening your hair. As the …

Riobel Faucets Review: A Few Things You May Want to Know

A home can’t be called a home if it does not contain any faucet. Whether you realize it or not, faucets are crucial fixtures that are perfect in managing the ever precious water. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the importance of carefully selecting their faucets. If you deliberately chose Riobel Faucets for your kitchen and bathroom needs or if you bought them because they happened to be the most available when you needed faucets, then this article is for you.

What are Riobel Faucets?

These are basically faucets made by the Riobel company. They vary from other faucets by virtue of the brand name Riobel and the emphasis the company places on its products. Riobel has the self-defined mission of providing the best faucets, shower systems and other related products to the general public. This company already has around 15 years of beyond satisfactory service to its pleased customers.

Why are faucets made by Riobel different?

Although all companies constantly spend on the development of new product lines and preserving high quality standards, Riobel differ from the rest in terms of the kind of people working for it and the type of consumers advocating its offered items. Riobel has a very strong grasp on the reality that vigorous enthusiasm is essential in everything its people do, especially in ensuring that trusting clients will be aptly aided in achieving hassle-free home maintenance or renovation.

Riobel’s faucets are conceptualized and manufactured in such ways that the buyers will not have so much trouble installing them. Mechanical parts can just be purchased swiftly, because they are conveniently placed above many counters. This customer-friendly environment allows faucet owners optimal cleaning and maintenance success. With Riobel being distributed by a very fast network, it is logically expected that customers can make the most out of Riobel products. The company also does its best to make sure that the product design, actual manufacturing process and quality control system will produce completely durable products. This durability prevents unnecessary expenses that may be brought about by frequent repairs, replacements or product upgrades. To provide additional customer protection, these long-lasting products are backed up by limited lifetime warranties.

What kinds of faucets does Riobel make?

Riobel manufactures durable, visually appealing, warranty-protected and well designed faucets for kitchen or for bathroom uses. These faucets come in different models that will definitely cater to the aspiration of all person types (be they classical, contemporary or midway between the two). A few designs are perfectly similar to the faucets that can be normally seen in public establishments and typical households, while most of the designs provide uniqueness and an additional layer of personality. These designs are based on varied references and inspirations, such as adherence to classical designs.

Aside from overall appearance, Riobel Faucets also vary in terms of the applied finish. Options include brushed bronze, brazen bronze, polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel. Aside from adding another dimension in visual diversity, these different finishes also provide different textures …