Home Decorating Ideas to Soften a Black and White Scheme

A black and white interior decor scheme can appear severe and sterile or warm and inviting – it truly depends on how you use your own fresh home decorating ideas to soften a harsh monochromatic palette. Neutral design needs not be boring, it can be just as exciting as any other color scheme and twice as sophisticated!

Plenty of Prints

Standard black and white rooms without any patterns or decorations often end up looking like a showroom floor. Unless you want to feel like you’re living in an IKEA advertisement, consider getting a little funky with bold prints. Many designers choose to go with striking patterned wallpaper to tie every element together, but sometimes that’s just not achievable. Instead, try throwing down a large area rug that features organic shapes, like zebra stripes or floral prints.

Apply these home decorating ideas for patterns judiciously, though. Too much chaos can make the room look even more uninviting than an empty one. Instead of choosing bold upholstery for all pieces of furniture, try to limit your use of patterns to one chair or table – or use throw pillows or blankets with fun prints on simple furnishings. A large wall print can serve the same purpose while reducing the shock of a pure white or black wall.

Tone it Down or Pump it Up

A dash of colorful home decorating ideas can make all of the difference in a room filled with stark white and rich black. Neutrals beige and tan can work wonders when softening a monochromatic scheme. Grey is a popular and versatile choice – dark shades increase visual stability, while light grey seems to be open and carefree.

Limit yourself to just one or two accent colors. Too many hues cause the eyes to jump around the room leaving an impression of disorganization. Stick with the same tones – if you choose pastel, stick with pastel; if you decide on bright and vivid, make sure that you do not introduce a tone that is dull or faded!

Textures and Shapes

You can easily soften your black and white room by adding, you guessed it, soft textures. Light, billowy window curtains can make a world of difference – but not as much as a huge fluffy area rug. Get playful when you layer textures, there are no wrong answers! Introduce organic shapes wherever possible – sculptures, pieces of driftwood, a chandelier. If you have a garden or access to a nearby park, make sure to always have a vase of fresh flowers on hand for an instant room makeover. Wild flowers are the cheapest home decorating ideas to work with.

Your black and white room does not have to look like a laboratory! Monochromatic schemes can be just as interesting and playful as any other design – it just takes a little experimentation. One thing is for certain: your boring room will not brighten itself up! Use these home decorating ideas and make up some of your own to turn …

Pros And Cons Of Quartz Wall Tiles

Quartz wall tiles suit well on the floors, walls, pathways, porticos, kitchen countertops and backsplashes. All the interior designers recommend them on the high-traffic areas. They are water and temperature resistant. They are available in plenty of colours, designs and patterns. The black and white colours are famous. They make the floor look beautiful and glittery. They are non-porous, which never allows the moisture or germs and they are easy to clean. Regular cleaning is highly recommended and they are affordable, easy to keep up.

Contact the local dealers and check about the latest models of quartz wall tiles. Try to acquire all the features about these tiles before you meet them. There are online dealers who will explain everything about these tiles with the sample at your doorstep. Avail them and discuss with your family members. There are suppliers who offer the guarantees and discounts. Evaluate the cost and the quality before you buy them. Get extra tiles to balance the wastage. Go with the large size tiles to avoid the wastage. The following points will guide you to understand the properties of this wonderful wall tiles:


Wonderful appeal – since they are available in plenty of colours these tiles are available in many colours and patterns. They are easily matched to every decor. The mirror flecks on the surface offer a lot of shine. When you use these tiles on your walls, the light reflection makes the room bigger and more spacious.

Durable- they are long-lasting only for their non-porous nature. You don’t have to spend on the sealant or the conditioners. Take essential to avoid the colour fades, scratches and stains. Since Kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic areas, they are lot of chances for the dirt and grime entries, guard them with these tiles. They are water and moisture resistant, that makes us stay hygienic.

Easy preservation – the cleaning work is effortless, just sweep them daily with the soft brooms. Try to clean the settled dirt’s with the wet cloth weekly twice. Avoid the acids and other ammonia liquids on them. Wash them with the water and the special liquids recommended for these tiles alone.

Different shapes, colours and sizes- quartz wall tiles are natural stone kind but in the manufacturing process they are usually molded into several shapes and sizes. The pigments are then added to get different colour shades.


Heaviness- since you find heavier than the natural rocks, you might have to hire a professional contractor.

Price – When compared to others, they are expensive and money- worth.

All the flooring materials have the pros and cons; it is our choice to select the right one.…

What’s Wrong With Polypropylene Or Olefin Area Rugs?

As I browsed a popular chain-store not long ago, I noticed that area rugs have made a dramatic shift in composition compared to a few short years ago. Since my livelihood is based on having an intimate knowledge of the flooring products that I suggest to my clients, I always read labels… especially on deals that seem to good to be true. And as I browsed through the offering of area rugs in the chain-store, I noticed that almost all the rugs were made of polypropylene or it’s very close cousin, olefin. I am a firm believer in consumers being well informed and getting a good value for their money. So I seek here to give a fair comparison of this fiber against what is clearly a better fiber for your interior home decor needs.

Let me start out with the good qualities of polypropylene and olefin. This fiber is a fairly strong man-made fiber that is well suited to mats and runners that may be used at entrances or patios or even outdoors, if properly treated for UV protection. In the past you would almost always find this type of fiber in a low profile, very tight loop style rug, and that is what it is best suited for. Many light to medium duty commercial carpets are made of this fiber (always in loop form). This fiber is usually extruded to the color that it will be (not dyed after extrusion), so it tends to hold it’s color well and can be used in intricate designs. This fiber is also resistant to most types of stains, and cleans up well (in tight loop form). Many manufacturers of area rugs choose this fiber because it is cheaper than other fibers and they can pass the savings on to the consumer.

Now let me point out the not so good qualities of this fiber. This fiber is a man-made synthetic fiber that is petroleum based (not very “green” or environmentally friendly. Although it is a good indoor-outdoor type of fiber in tight looped form, it is basically useless in any other form. In a cut-pile or plush rug it has a bad reputation of matting and crushing very quickly, so even though the fiber is not wearing out, it begins to look very ugly pretty fast. Although it holds color well and resists many types of stains, it tends to hang on to stains that are oily or greasy (even the body oils from the bottom of your feet and your pet’s feet). In other words, it does not clean that well in a cut pile or plush style. So basically, if manufactured in anything other than tightly looped form, you end up with a brightly colored, greasy, oily, matted and crushed rug that looks like it has been there for years instead of months. Lastly, since it is the cheapest fiber that manufacturers use, it is not the greatest value. I have also noticed a shift in the major brand …

10 Facts About Native American Rattles

When you visit the southwest, try to visit an Indian pow wow. Native American rattles will be a very interesting part of the ceremony. If you want to learn more about American Indian culture, you will love the authentic rattles made from various natural materials. The Indian people also call them Native American shakers, and some people use them for southwest and rustic decor.

1. Rattles have become icons of Native American heritage. They represent the various different Indigenous tribes. In Native culture rattles are one of the most popular instruments used during ceremonials.

2. Different Tribes use rattles now as they have for generations. They are used in public gatherings. They are also important in the spiritual connection with the creator.

3. Historically, Native American rattles have been essential to tribal ceremonies being symbolic to each tribe that uses them. The symbols usually include those from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom.

4. A turtle shell container may represent the animal kingdom. The earthen paint used to decorate the rattle may represent the mineral kingdom. Small rocks may also represent the mineral kingdom as they are placed inside. The plant kingdom is usually represented by the handle of the rattle.

5. It’s interesting that not all tribes used drums but most did use rattles throughout history. Some Tribes used elaborate rattles made with turtle shells or carved gourds. Some tribes almost exclusively used sea weed rattles.

6. One type among the American Indian Tribes that was the most popular was the rawhide rattle. Each Tribe had their own way of making the rawhide rattles. They used varying patterns and symbols in their bead work, colors and designs. By studying the designs and colors used, you can tell which tribe made it. They were handcrafted works of art.

7. One thing the Tribes had in common is that they used the rattles as a part of their music and dance. They also used them for medicine and spirituality.

8. Native rattles use many natural materials such as leather, rawhide, beads and feathers. Other choices include antlers, bones and shells as well as fur, leather, seeds and rocks. Each of these are what the artist uses to create a personal and unique Indian rattle.

9. What is inside the rattle is equally important. Many times, corn, beans or manzanita seeds or trade beads are placed inside. One interesting custom is to use small smooth stones gathered from the opening of an ant hill.

10. Music and songs as well as stories have always been an important part of Native American teaching. Sharing legends and teachings through ceremonies and rituals keeps traditions and cultural beliefs alive.

There is something thrilling about owning one and it is easy to buy Native American rattles online. Display a rattle with your rustic southwest decor. Or, use an Indian rattle in your drumming circle and enjoy the authentic Indian art on Native rattles. You will no doubt be drawn to the colorful culture and sound of …

Common Acronyms Used on Craigslist and eBay

Are you looking for good deals online? If so, you may turn to eBay.com or Craigslist.org. These websites have great prices on a wide range of new and used items, including movies, books, cars, clothes, video games, furniture, home decor, and more. If you aren’t an avid internet user, one of the problems you may run into is internet acronyms.

Internet acronyms are basically abbreviations. You may wonder why a Craigslist or eBay seller can’t just type out what they want to say. Honestly, it has to do with our modern use of language. Due the popularity of instant messaging programs, tweets, and text messages, many Americans have grown accustoming to fitting lots of words into small spaces. This is with the use of abbreviations. Many have grown so used to using them that they don’t even think twice. That is why you are likely to find some abbreviations on Craigslist and eBay.

Even if you aren’t an avid internet user, some popular acronyms that sellers use are easy to guess. Unfortunately, others are a lot harder. If you see abbreviations in a Craigslist or eBay listing and you don’t know what it means, contact the seller for more information. You can also continue reading on for a list of common abbreviations found on classified websites and online auction websites, as well as their meanings.

DOA means dead on arrival. This phrase is used to describe items that don’t work. You are buying it and will receive it broken.

GU and LN both mean gently used and like new, respectively. Both are used to describe items that are used, but in good condition. In this instance, always ask for pictures, as we all have different views on “like new.”

NWT means new with tags. This is most commonly associated with clothes with the tags still attached. Boxed items can be associated with NIB, which means new in box. On the other hand, you may find NWOT or NWOB to describe items that are new without the original tags or boxes.

HTF, LTD, and OOP are typically used to describe older items, possible vintage or antique things. HTF means hard to find. LTD means limited edition. OOP means out of print, which is for books.

Most sellers, especially on Craigslist, will use words to describe what they are selling. You are more likely to run into acronyms on eBay. But, now at least you have some idea of what to expect.…

Why Do Hotels Always Use White Linens?

When you are staying in any hotel, whether it is a luxurious resort or a highway motel, you might have noticed that the sheets, pillowcases and bath towels are almost always white.

The experience of drying yourself off with a white and fluffy bath towel and slipping between soft, clean, perfectly white sheets to drift off to sleep is one that many people associate with staying in a hotel. You might be wondering, why would a hotel always use white sheets and towels? What are the reasons behind this?

There are actually several reasons why many hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts use white bath towels, sheet and other linens. Here are a few of the main advantages to going all white:

White Linens are Interchangeable

In the hotel, all the linens can be washed together and it doesn’t matter which bed they are put back on. If one towel or bed sheet becomes damaged or worn out, it can be easily replaced with another without making any difference in the feeling of the room. This could not be done if each room had differently coloured linens.

They Are Easier to Wash

Hotel sheets and towels are washed very frequently, which is a good thing because you don’t want to be sleeping on the last guest’s dirty sheets! White linens are very easy to get clean because the hotel can simply bleach them on a very high temperature setting. There is no need to worry about colours running or fading or fancy fabrics being damaged. With the hot water and bleach treatment, all of the bath towels, sheets and pillowcases will come up looking like new.

White Linens Match Everything

Hotel room decor is usually understated and elegant, designed to appeal to broad tastes and to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. One of the reasons that hotels use white sheets and towels is that they are a neutral colour that will match with everything else in the room. The hotel can then use throw pillows or a pretty knit blanket over the bed for a splash of colour. The decor of the room can be changed according to style, but white will always be timeless and never go out of style.

White Linens Always Look Clean

When guests enter a hotel, they want the room to look as clean and pristine as possible. With a dark coloured sheet, it is more difficult to see stains and dirt and so guests might not feel like the hotel is very clean. With a bright white perfectly spotless sheet, they can be reassured that the hotel is as clean as possible because the white fabric shows off every single little stain and spot of dirt. This gives guests a feeling of trust that the hotel has nothing to hide and that they are following proper hygienic procedures.

These are just a few of the reasons why bright white linens are used in so many hotels around the world.…

The History of the Parsons Dining Chair

A parsons chair is a special kind of upholstered dining chair. The name has nothing to do with the clergy. The chair was named for its origin – it was created in Paris in the 1930s, by a designer at the famous Parsons School of Design.

When designing the chair, the Parsons School designers didn’t radically reinvent the idea of the chair (as, say, the Bauhaus did in Germany). Instead, the designers streamlined historical influences, kept what worked, threw away what didn’t, and created an enduring modern classic. The main traits of this – its naturalism, simplicity and linear look – are classic Modernist traits, but the style reflects 1800s Mission and Arts and Crafts styles, the Art Nouveau styles that emerged later, and the Art Deco that was contemporary at the time of the parsons chair’s design. The simplicity of the chair fits with these styles and a great variety of others, both classic and modern.

Originally, it was meant to be used in a set with the parsons table, whose linear look reflects a similar aesthetic in the matching chair. However, in a bit of irony, the simplicity of both has led to them being adapted separately into many styles of furniture and decor. The result? Today, they are rarely seen together. The parsons style is so adaptable that many who own a parsons table or a parsons chair have no idea that companion pieces exist. The parsons chair is virtually always crafted of hardwood, and features a slightly curving, squared backrest and legs. They are usually featured with slipcover upholstery that entirely covers the legs and gives it a solid, monumental appearance. This slipcover is optional or absent on many recent models.

Most parsons chairs nowadays are direct clones of the original Parsons School design. However, many recent variations exist, including versions with cabriole legs, Chippendale-influenced designs, shorter or taller designs, and versions with armrests, versions inspired more or less by Art Nouveau or Art Deco, and so on. The original Parsons School design was upholstered in leather, and this is still a very popular upholstery option, though microfabrics are increasingly used. The wide variety of options available today should ensure that you’ll be able to find one that’s right for you.

Due to its simplicity, comfort and ease of cleaning, the parsons chair remains enduringly popular, especially in restaurants. In fact, you might already own and enjoy one without realizing what it is. We hope that knowledge of this chair’s history should deepen your appreciation for this unique design.…

Down Comforter Cover – Do You Really Need A Duvet Cover?

A down comforter is not only a luxurious bedding item, but an expensive one at that. This is where a down comforter cover can come in handy and help protect it, but is it really necessary?

If you have had your down comforter for any length of time you know it can get dirty. But, cleaning it on a regular basis can actually damage the comforter or create other problems.

In fact, manufacturers of down comforters will tell you that you should only clean them once every 2-3 years.

A down comforter cover can help provide protection and extend the life of any type of comforter. Also called a duvet cover, these covers are somewhat similar to how a pillowcase protects your pillow.

The down comforter cover will prevent dirt, body oils, cosmetics and sweat from getting all over your comforter. Why is this important? Because the dirt and chemicals can easily break down the fibers in any comforter.

Another nice aspect of having a down comforter cover is that they can change the look of your bedroom decor at any time. Keep in mind that comforters can last for 20-50 years in many cases. Adding a cover to your comforter will let you change the color scheme without having to buy a new comforter.

In the end, if you are spending good money on a new comforter, it would be a very good idea to add a down comforter cover to it. It will give you many years of warmth and beauty.

All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you leave all of the links active and do not edit the article in any way.…

French Country Or French Provincial – What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between French Country decor and French Provincial decor or even Country French decorating? Let’s take a look.

In the past, the general style of rural France was known as French Provincial – the name being associated with Provence, where rural life had remained relatively unchanged with its rustic textures, rich colors and almost primitive furnishings, all inspired by the beautiful country side. By association all of rural France was referred to as Provincial.

But there’s more to the French country side other than rural Provence. France is a huge country and further up north the summers are mild and the winters are cold, unlike the warm southern region of Provence.

The landscape and play of natural light is also vastly different between north and south (and east and west). Traveling northwards you will find paler colors echoing the northern skies, in total contrast to the strong and vibrant colors of the sunny south. These natural differences influence color and style between the regions. Furthermore, historical and regional influences vary throughout the country.

Besides regional influences, country society too had its influence – ranking homes as either a manor, gentleman’s home or middle class home, with the status of these homes being way above the simple farmhouse or cottage. A manor could belong to an aspiring merchant, or perhaps be an owner’s country retreat away from the city.

It was only natural that Chateau style living would filter down to these homes. Here the basic furniture of the peasant farmer would meet the refined embellishments of the chateau; therefore the interior of these country homes would be quite different to the interior of a working farmhouse nearby.

French Country refers to the style and colors of all France’s rural regions, from vibrant and sunny Provence in the south, to calm and cool Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the north. From country manor to farm cottage. A casual style with a subtle crossover – where the beauty and simplicity of rustic France meets the refined living of the French chateau.

Even though regions differ in style, color and texture, all have the same traditional values uniting them as one. It is not only a style but a lifestyle. Here are a few examples:

  • Love and respect for time honored traditions and craftsmanship
  • Genuine love of the countryside and its natural materials
  • Re-inventing instead of discarding
  • Sophisticated simplicity
  • Harmony, scale and balance

In conclusion, today the name French Country is a ‘catch all’ decor term for all the rural regions of France, incorporating both the rustic farm and the more refined manor style – including the term French Provincial or Country French.…

Decorating A Vertical Fish Tank

Vertical fish tanks have recently become a hit in a lot of house holds. A long time ago, creating vertical fish tanks posed a challenge because the water pressure builds up the taller the tank, and this will eventually cause the aquarium glass to crack. But these days, with new technologies emerging in the field of glass reinforcement, better sturdier glass and even acrylic has allowed aquarium designers to produce taller and broader variations that they once could not. This allowed a lot of creative and space maximization with the cylindrical and hexagonal tanks.

But though they look awesome, they do however pose a problem when it comes to fish tank decorations. Any fish tank decor you place in there would occupy the base of the aquarium but leave the rest of it looking bare and empty. No matter how tall the tank ornaments are, they would not sufficiently fill up the room. And then, if you do manage to get some form of decorations that is tall such as driftwood and place it in the tank, it will eat a lot of the swim space meant for the fish. Being vertical, the tanks are generally very narrow.

However, if you do have one, there is a way to decorate them superbly and that is by combining base aquarium decor with floating ones.

Base Aquarium Decor For Vertical Tanks

In a vertical aquarium, the decorations that you place at the base generally go unnoticed. Is is because the main view is in the middle of the tank. To compensate for this, you may want to select tank accessories that are very colorful. Then, to make them lively and fill up some space, you should arrange the rocks or ornaments to form a hill, with the peak directly in the middle of the tank base.

Another important factor that you need to consider is to provide your fish with a cave. Vertical aquariums leave the fish exposed to scrutiny all day. The constant attention that the fish gets will eventually make it feel stressed and they would want to hide away and rest. So ensure that the base decor provides the fish an opening to enter when they feel the need.

Floating Aquarium Decorations

With the base of the fish tank settled, your next step is to have some form of fish tank decoration that floats on the top and hangs towards the bottom. Some good ideas for this would be floating plants. These plants have long roots that hang downwards filling up the empty spaces with their roots. These plants will not just be thee for decorative purposes, but if you do have fish fry in the future, they will also provide cover for the fry as they grow.

These days you would also be able to get tank ornaments that float freely around the tank. These ornaments are made to look like fish and even have hinged tails. As the water cycles around the tank, these artificial fish seem …