Improve some Home Furnishings

No matter how much you love your home, the fact is, there are always going to be a few areas that you’d love to improve. Over time, the reality is that every home starts to get that “lived in” look, as walls start to show marks, carpeting gets worn, and tiles and flooring get gouged and chipped. It’s all signs of a home that’s had a lot of lives coming in and out, but at a certain point, it’s good to have all those areas in need of improvement fixed up and given a little extra polish. What’s the answer? How about a remodel?

Planning a Remodel

A home remodeling project can range from a major makeover that includes a kitchen or bathroom redo, or just a cosmetic fix up that involves new paint, curtains, flooring and carpeting. The key to deciding what needs to be done is to look around and see what it will take to make over your home, and take a look at your budget to see what’s possible. This is where the advice of an experienced contractor, someone who knows all about installing new fixtures in a bathroom and doing window tinting for homes, comes in.

Finding a Contractor

Finding a great contractor isn’t as hard as it used to be. Today it’s not necessary to get a few leads from friends and then hope for the best. Today there are many websites that offer listings for quality contractors, and these sites also show samples of past work, and referrals from clients. All of this can give you extra assurance that you are signing up to work with someone who knows how to get the job done.

Once you’ve contacted a local contractor you want to work with, discuss your ideas for the remodel and talk about your budget. They can give you a free estimate and also make suggestions on ways to pull off a remodel without spending money unnecessarily. The contractor can start creating an overall plan that will give you a sense of the work and how it will look when the remodel is finished.

Yes, a home remodeling project is quite involved, but done well, it can be a very exciting way to finally get the home of your dreams. So why wait? Start planning the home you’ve always wanted today.…

Spare Room Solutions


When it comes to home renovation, there are a number of factors that come into play when designing your dream home. After all, home is where the heart is, so you’re not really home until you have a living space your heart can be invested in. But, what is perfect, and how does that translate into interior design? There are a number of challenges you’ll face when designing your dream home, but there just might be none more daunting that deciding on what to do with a spare room. That’s where I come in. Here are some ideas of how to use some newly discovered extra space.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the potential of a home office and/or studio. The advantages of a home office or studio are many. For one thing, they give you a nice quiet place to catch up on work, be it professional or passionate, and that’s valuable, especially if you have younger kids. However, the true value of a home office or studio that the isolation of it can help you fight the temptation of various distractions. I know from experience that working from home can be a real slog in a one room apartment (and I mean one room, not even a bedroom) because my fiancee is somehow able to work with the TV going and actually prefers it. However, I had to convert our walk in closet into an office to find the solitude I needed to work at a good pace. If you’re bringing work home with you, work from home, or just picked up an instrument from Guitar Center, then a home office or studio is for you.

Another idea of what to do with your extra space is to simply use it as just that: extra space. By that I mean you could turn it into a guest bedroom. We all have the occasional need to accommodate guests, but we’re not always prepared. If you find yourself with extra space on hand, why not prepare in advance by preparing an extra crash pad for friends and family?

Ramp up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Is the exterior of you home less than welcoming when you return from a long day at the office?  It only takes a few short years of neglect before a home quickly begins to show its age. It also only takes a few short weekends and a few trips to your local big box home improvement store to ramp up your home’s curb appeal. Take walk around your neighborhood with a discerning eye and check out those homes that appear to be especially welcoming. Follow these recommendations from the professional real estate agents and landscape designers to ramp up your home’s curb appeal.

Stand across the street from your home and take a long, critical look. Make note of those deferred maintenance items that need to be addressed as well any landscaping issues. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of comfortable athletic shoes from Puma. You’ll be spending hours outside working and you’ll need the comfort and stability. Begin by taming your landscaping. Trim all the shrubs below the height of the windows and away from the drive way and walkways. Trim tree branches to at least eight feet above the ground to allow for easy passage. Retrench and edge beds as need and apply pine bark or pine straw as necessary.  Select an area at the curb adjacent to the driveway and near the main porch for beds of colorful seasonal flowers to add a welcoming touch.

Address and repair any deferred maintenance issues. Replace screens as necessary. Clean gutters and align the shutters. Power-wash the driveways and walk ways as needed. Updating the front porch and entrance is key to ramping up your homes curb appeal. Replace or remove the screen door. Select a fresh coat of paint for the front door and shutters that compliments the existing exterior color of your home. Update the mailbox, lighting and house numbers for a polished finish. Select a large planter for fresh, colorful seasonal flowers and place it by the front door. As a finishing touch, replace the front door mat.

Stand across the street and admire the work you’ve accomplished in just a few short weekend to ramp up the curb appeal of your home.…