The New Versatility of the Storage Shed

The longer you live in your home, it seems the more “stuff” you accumulate. Some of these possessions, like kitchen gadgets, are used on a regular basis. But others like large tools and toys need to be stored and most homes simply do not have the space necessary to keep everything you own in a convenient place. To solve the storage space problem, many homeowners build or purchase pre-fabricated sheds.

Types of Sheds

Storage sheds are actually very common. They are generally placed in the back garden of a home or on some other portion of the lot. Sheds are great for large items or for those that you only need at certain times of year. Things like lawn mowers, snow blowers, bicycles, sports’ equipment, lawn furniture, pool supplies, or even paint can be stored in these structures. Even if you have an attic or basement, you may not want to store these items inside of your home.

Sheds are as different as the types of items they hold. They come in different sizes and are made from a variety of materials. Some of the more common, are tarp buildings that are used primarily for equipment storage and to protect vehicles from damaging weather. The advantage of a tarp shed is that it is durable but portable, so it will last but can be easily moved or repurposed for a different type of storage. Larger, more permanent sheds are generally found on farms or in industry. They may be insulated depending on the type of material being stored. But the most typical shed is a one-story enclosed structure with walls, a door, and a shingled roof. It may be plastic or metal but is most often made of vinyl or wood which are the most durable materials.

No Longer Just for Storage

Not all sheds are simply for storage. For many years in countries like Australia and New Zealand sheds were defined as any structure that was not a residence and they were often built by those looking for a private place to relax. These structures may actually have been the first “man caves” equipped with windows and electrical outlets. It may be hard to imagine but these countries have an entire culture of shed enthusiasts with books and magazines dedicated to the subject of sheds and their use. This idea has recently begun to creep into the United States and State Farm Insurance has jumped on the bandwagon with their She Shed TV commercial. The She Shed is the new female getaway and probably has curtains on the windows.

Building or buying a shed is no longer just a necessary evil. These structures can now actually impact a family’s entire lifestyle. Yes, they can provide a convenient storage area, but now they also give mom, dad, or even the kids a private place to play. They create an increased living space as the attic can be converted into a bedroom and the basement can be furnished to use …