Characteristics of HPV and Genital Warts

Most people are aware about this Human Papilloma Virus and genital warts whether dealing it personally or supporting loved one who is infected by the virus. But for those who are not familiar with HPV it is better to get familiarized with its characteristics such as the appearance, mode of transmission, symptoms, preventions and treatments.

A genital wart is a skin ulcer that typically appears on the outer layer of the skin and is composed of small inflammation. Warts have different types and are classified by their location and appearance in the body. Genital warts are caused by HPV that is highly contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another or by touching an object used by an infected person.

The mode of transmission can be through the opened skin that has cut, scratch or abrasion. However, the most feasible mode of transmission of the virus to other individual is through sexual activity. On the other hand, some individual carriers do not develop any warts but they can transmit the virus. The most susceptible group to the virus is the children and young people. It is highly contagious and sometimes warts become visible after a year subsequent to the infection. Other people who took medication that restrain the immune system are more susceptible to HPV and likely to develop genital warts.

The favorable habitat of HPV is the moist and warm environment such as swimming pool and bathroom areas. It can also be found in public places that is frequently visited and utilized by many people that is why if possible avoid public places including floors of public swimming pools, public shower floors as well as locker rooms in gyms even in shoes.

Observing the proper precautions will decrease the tendency of contamination by the HPV. If genital warts have developed avoid touching it then to another part of your body because it may be transferred to other areas of your body. Learn more about HPV and genital warts; by visiting the site below and you can obtain detailed information.