Common Acronyms Used on Craigslist and eBay

Are you looking for good deals online? If so, you may turn to or These websites have great prices on a wide range of new and used items, including movies, books, cars, clothes, video games, furniture, home decor, and more. If you aren’t an avid internet user, one of the problems you may run into is internet acronyms.

Internet acronyms are basically abbreviations. You may wonder why a Craigslist or eBay seller can’t just type out what they want to say. Honestly, it has to do with our modern use of language. Due the popularity of instant messaging programs, tweets, and text messages, many Americans have grown accustoming to fitting lots of words into small spaces. This is with the use of abbreviations. Many have grown so used to using them that they don’t even think twice. That is why you are likely to find some abbreviations on Craigslist and eBay.

Even if you aren’t an avid internet user, some popular acronyms that sellers use are easy to guess. Unfortunately, others are a lot harder. If you see abbreviations in a Craigslist or eBay listing and you don’t know what it means, contact the seller for more information. You can also continue reading on for a list of common abbreviations found on classified websites and online auction websites, as well as their meanings.

DOA means dead on arrival. This phrase is used to describe items that don’t work. You are buying it and will receive it broken.

GU and LN both mean gently used and like new, respectively. Both are used to describe items that are used, but in good condition. In this instance, always ask for pictures, as we all have different views on “like new.”

NWT means new with tags. This is most commonly associated with clothes with the tags still attached. Boxed items can be associated with NIB, which means new in box. On the other hand, you may find NWOT or NWOB to describe items that are new without the original tags or boxes.

HTF, LTD, and OOP are typically used to describe older items, possible vintage or antique things. HTF means hard to find. LTD means limited edition. OOP means out of print, which is for books.

Most sellers, especially on Craigslist, will use words to describe what they are selling. You are more likely to run into acronyms on eBay. But, now at least you have some idea of what to expect.