Did Your Boyfriend Stop Talking to You? Learn the Main Reasons Why Guys Stop Talking Suddenly

If your boyfriend suddenly starts distancing himself or stops talking to you then you are entitled to feel alarmed about it. After all the emotional investment that you have made you deserve to be treated better. However, please note your boyfriend is well within his right to do so. Here are some reasons why he is doing this. Identify the real cause and address it before he goes away forever.

He is missing his bachelor days

Unknowingly you are tagging along with him wherever he goes. There is not a moment when you are not with him except when he is in the bathroom/washroom. If this is the case he is missing his bachelor days when he was a free bird. Give him lots of space and he will start talking to you once again.

You are fast forwarding the relationship

He feels that you are in a rush to settle down. If you are fast forwarding the relationship because your biological clock is ticking then that is not the right thing to do. Go slow and do not exert any pressure. In fact don’t talk to him for a while and he will begin to miss you once again.

He is still not sure of his feelings

The reason he stopped talking to you is because he is still not sure of his feelings for you. He does not want to be the villain and is therefore trying to create an artificial distance so that you get the hint.

He feels that you are manipulating him

Are you blackmailing him emotionally? Do you always insist that he does things your way? If that is true then an apology is in order. He is your boyfriend and not your slave, he deserves lots of respect.

He has some personal issues to sort out

There could be any number of personal issues that might be forcing him to put the relationship on the backburner. It could be that a close family member is going through a breakup or maybe his parents are separating. Whatever be the case assure him of your support and things will be fine.

He wants to focus elsewhere

Maybe he has realized that being in a relationship is like a full time occupation and he wants to focus all his energies on his studies or profession. If that is the reason why he stopped talking to you, encourage him. He will thank you for it and will also resume talking to you.

There could be a third person

It is quite possible that your guy must have met a new girl that is more attractive or one that matches his wavelength. If that is true then you are better off without him. There are plenty of guys you can date. All you have to do is look for them in the right place.