Giant Chess Sets

The Giant Chess can make an absorbing pastime and a stunning garden feature. For the beginners this could be a fun way to learn such a traditional cunning and skilled game. This plastic giant chess set is practical yet impressive and is a best seller chess set. To have weight the all weather pieces are found in two sections that allow them to be filled along with sand or water. The base diameter is 24cm and the pieces are between 43 and 64 cm high.

In comparison to the rigid board this huge chess set is more economic. It quickly lays and for an easy storage it also rolls up easily.

For the hotels, backyards, events schools etc. These pieces of Giant Chess Set are of great fun. Playing chess along with big pieces is something very fascinating and of them all the greatest one is this durable plastic set. This set has features of huge pieces with all having each 10 "bases. The king is 26" tall and all of them are scaled to the regular chess size. As they are lightweight they can be easily moved around but if the top piece is unscrewed from the base and is filled them with sand or water then they can be also weighed easily. This chess set can withstand the outdoor things and even in the sun it is able to retain their color. This set does not have a board but has 16 black pieces and 16 white pieces. You can separately purchase the board.

Premier Giant Chess set pieces comes in two parts, if required in order to gain some weight the base of each of the pieces can be removed and with little sand or water it can be filled. Height of the king is 2 feet and with it you can also get matching draughts. This Giant chess set is recommended for any public events, pubs, corporate entertainment and parties.

From the two manufacturers the Masters Games gets the largest sets. The original Giant Chess set are the Rolly sets, which are Germany made. For over 10 years in many cases they have been utilized in hundred different places and they are ultra hard wearing and every piece has a nice detailing.

Garden Games sets are also very much the same but they are made out of slightly thinner PVC and also have a simpler design.