Great Herbs With AeroGarden – Easy Indoor Container Gardening With AeroGarden

Herb indoor container gardening is growing in popularity, and is made especially easily with the use of an aero garden. Not only are herbs nutritious and tasty foods, they are also grown for their beauty and wonderful aroma. The growing of a herbal garden requires minimal effort to maintain, and in return, provides you with nature's reward.

Indoor container gardening of herbs requires only the amount of space you want to give it, containers, nutrients, soil and water. You will need to purchase containers which are slightly larger than those provided by nurseries. Transplant into larger containers once the plants have stabilized and are growing well. Six inch terracotta pots with good drainage are preferred. Different herbs should be planed in separate pots to avoid some possible taste transference between plants. Use potting soil from a greenhouse, place pots facing a southern or western direction. Greenhouse staff will be able to give you advice about choosing fertilizer, as well as points and information for proper growing of your herbs. Keep the soil damp, and do not over water. An aero garden is another way of cultivating herbs. Aero gardening is a soil free method of growing plants which delivers the right amount of air, water, light and nutrients to your garden.

Indoor container gardening provides you with not only beauty, but also with a constant supply of herbs once they are ready to harvest. The aero garden will hasten the growing period, and will produce a longer harvesting time. You will be able to prepare great tasting and healthy meals with herbs you grow yourself. Basil is not only a beautiful plant, it will also add flavor to tomatoes and meat dishes. Egg dishes, salads and sauces will benefit from the addition of chives. Mint is easy to grow, and will enhance lemonade, and make great mint jelly. Thyme and sage are used with chicken, turkey and sausages. Probably the best smelling herb is lavender, often used in candles, soaps and lotions. There are many other herbs, and many other combinations too numerous to mention in this article.

Indoor container gardening is also cost effective since it is less expensive to grow your own instead of purchasing your herbs at the market. Fresh herbs from the grocery are pricey, and will often wilt after purchase. Shoppers will opt for the dried variety, but unfortunately, this product will not provide you with the nutritional value and flavor the fresh herbs provide. An aero garden can provide you with a fresh supply of your favorite herbs which can grow faster, with more nutritional value, and with a longer harvesting period, without the mess of working with soil.

You will be rewarded with great herbs when you choose indoor container gardening. Do explore other methods, such as aero gardening, an easy, clean, and quick way of growing your plants. All will provide you with what you had hoped for and more. Enjoy!