How and Why a Brass Bathroom Faucet is the Best Choice

Brass is a metal that we humans have been using for thousands of years. It has had mention numerous times in both history and prehistory, and it even has several mentions in the King James Bible. Due to this, it is now known all over the world due to its weight, durability and appeal. This has carried on even to the bathroom fixtures of the present day. With their advantages, a brass bathroom faucet may be the best choice of fixture you can get for your bathroom. Let this article list the reasons why.

Durability – It is well known among architects, interior designers and engineers alike that a brass faucet fixture will far outlast any of its plated or non metal counterparts. This is particularly true when you constantly run hard water through your bathroom faucets: hard water will corrode most other metals (even plated ones) yet it will have little to no effect on a brass bathroom faucet. Actually, it is not only the metal itself that lasts a long time, but its finish as well: brass bathroom faucets, especially those that are coated with electroplated chrome or a simple finish that prevents oxidation, are known to last a lifetime with little need for scrutiny in the form of polishes and waxes.

Appeal – A brass bathroom faucet has a rustic yet classic aesthetic to it. Its color, which resembles a muted shade of gold, is a classic one, a nice warm shade that can evoke very subtle feelings of comfort for those using it. It is one which, when paired properly with other fixtures, can turn the act of walking into a bathroom into a visual extravaganza.

Hygienic properties – It is a little known fact that brass is actually germicidal in nature. This is due to the oligodynamic effect, which is caused by the copper in brass: this effect denatures several enzymes in most microorganisms, which effectively kills them. This makes a brass bathroom faucet probably one of the cleanest yet safest fixtures to place in your home.

There are a few things that you would need to keep in mind, though, before you go off and buy yourself the first bathroom faucet you see. The first thing you have to take note of is that brass bathroom faucets are particularly expensive, which means you will have to cough up quite an amount of cash for good bathroom fixtures. Also, you will have to watch out for the many imitations out there, some of which will claim that their fixtures are made from pure brass, when in fact they are only selling plated metal or worse, plated plastic. A good test for this is to hold the fixture in your hand, as brass fixtures will weigh a lot more than ones made out of other metals. Keep these in mind and be aware in order to be able to get the best brass faucets that will truly be worth what you spend on them.