Our Plantation Shutters Look So Good in Our Offices That I Think They Help Get Us Clients

I remember when miniblinds became the go-to solution for office windows. I have seen a lot of office buildings and offices since I work in an industry where every client and associate has an office somewhere. It might be an attorney in a high rise building or a client with offices in a converted home in a neighborhood. One recurring theme is miniblinds on the windows. Those or the vertical slat blinds. In our office my wife renovated using plantation shutters. They make the windows look classy. Everyone that comes in remarks about how good our windows look.

I think the style of the look of our office cinches the deal with a lot of our clients. It is like how when you go into a bank you expect to see some granite or marble and high ceilings. Oh, and lots of real wood. It evokes a feeling of stability, and that is what we want in a bank. We provide a creative service to clients, and having a fresh look in our offices that is both traditional and modern is hard to pull off. My wife accomplished it with the plantation shutters. They really make our office look great from the parking lot side of the windows and on the inside when the clients are seated for a presentation.

We liked the look so much that we got plantation shutters for our home too. I mentioned to the folks at Orange county Shutters that we should get part of their advertising budget because so many people ask us where we got the shutters on our windows. They look so much better than curtains, miniblinds or those cumbersome vertical slat blinds. These are made of wood and custom fit for each window. You can fully control the privacy and the amount of light they let in with a touch. We are very pleased with them.