Interior Design: How To Handle Problem Areas

How often do you enter a room and find certain details or areas that you feel good about? Are there areas in your own home that you find nice or appealing? In interior design, these are good features of a room. There is a decorating philosophy that goes, "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". By following this basic interior design philosophy you can highlight the positive or good features of the room and come up with a pleasing design scheme. Let's say you have a beautiful fire place in your living room. This is a good feature and often a fireplace is used as a focal point in interior design. The first thing you want to do is accentuate this good feature by making it the focus of attention and building a conversation area around it.

It is rather easy to notice the positive details of any given room, making the task of accentuating the positive features easier, but how do you deal with the problem areas? The interior design philosophy teaches us to eliminate the negative and when it is impossible to eliminate it, just camouflage it. Do you have any area in your home that you wish does not exist or is it in a particular architectural style that does not go with your own personal taste or does it have pillows or columns that are distracting?

Here are some possibilities of problem areas that you might have in your home and how to deal with these.

How would you deal with a wall containing a distracting column?

1. You can make it disappear by installing cabinets that will fill the spaces on either side of it. This will make the column appear as if it were part of the straight wall because it is already in line with the cabinet's face.

2. If your area is big enough and you can afford to lose some space, just simply build a new wall that runs across the face of the column.

3. The simplest and least expensive way is to paint the wall and column with one color, making the column blend into the wall and then make it appear less obvious.

Have you come across a room with a pillar planed right in the middle? I bet you wanted to hack that pillar right off the floor. The problem with a pillar placed right in the middle of a room is that it can not just be removed as much as we want to. This usually is essential in the structure's integrity and eliminating this is definitely not an option. How then will you deal with this kind of a problem? Although this is not a positive feature of a room, you might want to accentuate it and make it stand out. Instead of looking at it in a negative perspective, try to make it a positive feature by making it the focal point.

1. You can paint the pillar a brilliant color, especially if you …

Custom Stone Countertop Fabrication – Open Design

The kitchen has really come to the forefront of uniquely designed spaces in many people’s homes, with open design being one of the factors that most people are concerned with. While this can be achieved with a variety of different methods, one of the best ways to gain a unique perspective in the home is with a custom fabricated stone countertop. Other methods that are added to this include an adequate amount of light in the kitchen, placing appliances within cabinets, and playing around with different materials such as glass and different stones.

Some of the most popular types of custom stone countertop fabrication types include granite and marble, which give a polished sheen to open counter spaces. This helps lend itself to open design by providing a somewhat reflective surface for light to bounce off of, opening up the kitchen’s layout. These can be cut to order, or even placed in the middle of the kitchen in the form of an island. That can end up being the focal point of the entire kitchen, and could be a good place to think about entertaining guests when you have a dinner party.

To start the process of designing a new kitchen with these tenets of open design in mind, it can be a good idea to start from scratch. The custom stone countertop fabrication will only be one aspect of this design, but it could be the piece that ties the rest of the kitchen together. As with any other type of interior decoration, it’s necessary to have some sort of theme that rooms can be decorated in. The stone could be the very aspect of this design that brings in the other elements, to give a cheerful, open, and peaceful kitchen environment.

It’s best to stick to light or neutral earth tones if you want a more airy and open design to the kitchen. Ask to see samples of the different types of stones that could be used in custom stone countertop fabrication, to be able to effectively find a piece that will suit the mood. It can be a good idea to place these samples on top of your existing countertops, to think about the other aspects of design that would be best incorporated along with them. Sometimes, literally, it takes a rock to serve as the foundation for a larger structure, in this case, the most open design that will tie the room together.…

Article Writing – Deciding What to Write About – Quickly and Easily

I am assuming at this point that you know what your niche or topic is and that this article is designed to help you decide what you should write in regards to your niche or web site topic.

Start with your niche or topic, for example, gardening.

Then make a list of things that people might want to know about gardening.

For example:

How do you garden?

What climates are good for gardening?

Do you garden differently in different climates?

What types of things can you grow in the cold climates?

What types of things can you grow in the hot climates?

Notice at this point how I am building a number of questions around one subtopic of gardening: the climate. You can probably think of 20 or 30 more questions related to just the climate.

Now for a change of subtopic, for example: tools for gardening

What types of tools do I need for gardening?

What are the easiest tools for gardening?

Are there different tools for different plants?

Where do I buy quality tools for my gardening?

What are the top three tools for gardening?

And again, you can add many more tool questions, especially if you are in the gardening niche and understand gardening (I am not, and do not).

Now you should be able to easily think up 20 subtopics for your niche, similar to the two I suggest here for gardening. For example, in the gardening niche:






Time of year

Part of the world





Obviously this is a partial list of all the subtopics for the gardening niche. Come up with at least 20 for your niche, then write at least 10 questions to answer for each subtopic.

Next, write an article about each question … just given this scenario, you will have 200 article subjects ready to write! …

How To Find Cheap Garden Sheds On Craigslist

There are a number of places online that you can find cheap garden sheds, but one of the best places I have found is Craigslist. Craigslist is the largest classified ads online and the world and even find just about anything you want including garden sheds. In this article I'm going to show you a couple of tips to help you find some dividends that will typically be a lot less expensive than buying one and one of the many home improvement stores.

What Search Terms Are You Using?

When searching for a cheap garden shed you want to keep in mind that not everyone is going to use these exact terms when listing or looking for a shed. For instance, a few examples of some related search terms might be: garden sheds, shed for sale, outdoor shed, backyard shed etc. So when you perform your initial search try typing in the exact phrase "cheap garden sheds" if your search yields very little or no results then try typing in a broader term like "garden shed" or "shed".

Search By Dealer Or By Owner?

There is a number of different ways you can narrow down your search on Craigslist and one of them is something that most people do not even think about. There's a little box at the top of the screen that allows you to narrow down your search by who is selling the item. There are two different options: someone who is selling something privately, by owner and a company or business that is selling that same product, by dealer. So in the beginning, make sure you have both boxes checked so that you are able to see search results from both of these types of sellers.

How About Surrounding Areas …

When people look for things on Craigslist they often stick to their local Craigslist area. I have found that sometimes I will be searching for something in the local results and it will yield nothing, but a few results will show up below my local listing in the surrounding areas of Craigslist ads for similar listings. So do not just look in one particular area, expand your horizons and search as many near Craigslist listings that you can.

Do They Have Sheds In The City?

It probably would not make that much sense to look for something like a shed in a populated area like a major city. This particular item is going to be found in more rural areas because people that live in regions like that are more likely to have one or more sheds on the property. People who live in the city are not as likely to have as much room, so therefore not as many people will have sheds for sale to live in areas like this. So try to think of what kind of area is you're going to find what it is that you are looking for. …

European Tapestries – Van Gogh

The Olive Trees – Artist Vincent Van Gogh developed a style of painting while he was incarcerated at the asylum at Saint Remy. Instead of his usual bold strokes and luminous colors, the artist experimented with long swipes to create curving, undulating silhouettes across his canvas. This style is more expressive and more dynamic than its previous style, which is a testament to the artist's inner demons.

Out of this style evolved The Olive Trees is one of his most famous paintings, along with Irises. Against the grain of what sees to be blazing Mediterranean afternoon, olive trees of an intestine green sway, twist and crimp. In the distance are rolling hills of the Alps as well as the sky awash with clouds and moonlight.

The Olive Trees is truly one of Van Gogh's most striking paintings. While he was at the asylum, Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo about his most recent work. He spoke of a landscape filled with olive trees as well as a study about a starry sky. When the paintings drawn, he sent these to Theo telling him to take note of the olive trees with the clouds and mountains, as well as the light of the moon and the effect of the light. Van Gogh exaggerated the whole general composition of the painting, accentuating colors and outlines of the trees and the mountains. Van Gogh tried to avoid the photographic perfection that other artists tried to perfect. This influenced fellow artist Paul Gauguin. Together, they painted masterpieces that veered away from the conservative perfection of paintings, and instead tried to intensify colors and lines in their paintings.

Like his other works, The Olive Trees has often translated into prints, tapestries, wall hangings and wall décor. Now, others as well as art collectors or art historians can have access to this beloved work of art. Homeowners with an eye for style and sophistication can simply buy a print or wall hanging of The Olive Trees to add a touch of elegance to their homes.

Tapestries and wall prints are available for ordering and shipping online. They come in various sizes to fit your space requirements. Most of them also offer other materials such as brackets and linings so you can display your tapestry with ease. You can hang this anywhere in your house, whether it be in the privacy of your bedroom or in your living room, for all your guests and friends to admire. …

Natural Cleaning Products – Remove Odors From Your Kitchen

From chocolate chip cookies to baked fish, we cook many different things in the kitchen. But if the kitchen is starting to smell like chocolate chip baked fish, it's time to do some deodorizing. Baking soda is a simple and inexpensive natural cleaning product that will safely and effectively remove odors from your kitchen.

This is one of the most well-known ways to deodorize your kitchen with baking soda. You can just open up a box or put some into a small dish and place it into your refrigerator or freezer. Stir the contents of the box or dish periodically to freshen it. Replace the box or dish every couple of months or when the refrigerator starts to smell like it's time for a replacement.

Keep your drains fresh by pouring some baking soda down them and flushing with water. Using vinegar instead of water will also help with a clogged drain. However do not add vinegar if you have just poured a commercial drain cleaner or bleach down the sink.

Garbage Cans
Garbage cans are notorious odor collectors in the kitchen. To keep yours clean and fresh, wash it out with a mixture of baking soda and water. You can also sprinkle some into the bottom of the can before adding a new trash bag.

Stuck-on food and lingering smells in the microwave can affect the entire kitchen. To deodorize your microwave and help remove stuck-on food, place a few tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl of water. Microwave this for a few minutes until boiling. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then remove the bowl carefully. This should remove odors and loosen any messes in the microwave, allowing you to wipe them away with a clean cloth. …

5 Tips For Planning A Move

Moving can be stressful, but also exciting. A new city, new house or new neighborhood can also mean new beginnings. So how do you turn the stressful part of moving into excitement? By having a plan. Below are 5 tips for planning your move.

Decluttering. One of the first things you can do when you find out you may have an upcoming move on the horizon is to declutter room by room. This is important for a number of reasons. First, when you put your house on the market, it will sell faster and for more money. A house always looks bigger with less “stuff” inside. Second, when you move, having less stuff to pack, load, unload and unpack will save you both time and money. It’s also a very freeing process once you get started.

Dispose of hazardous waste. Hazardous wastes cannot be packed in moving trucks. If you have things like gasoline, paint and chemicals in your garage, ask if a friend or neighbor would like them. If not, look online to find your nearest hazardous waste disposal site. If you plan to use any of the same paint colors in the new house, be sure to record the information needed before disposal.

Research your moving company. This is critical and can often get overlooked if your move is a sudden one. Be sure to read reviews online before deciding on a mover and don’t hire a mover based solely on price. Experience, knowledge of your area and skill level (like moving a grand piano) counts for much more. It’s also helpful to know that many movers will give a low bid to get your business and then later charge more. Reading reviews will avoid surprises and disappointments.

Transfer records. If you have school-aged children, you will need to have their school records transferred to their new school. Getting this out of the way now will mean less for you to do on the other end of your move. Medical records are another thing to have transferred. If you don’t have your new doctors lined up yet, you can ask for a copy of your records or make a list with phone numbers and addresses of the doctors/dentists/chiropractors from whom you will need to obtain information.

Update your address. You can update your address for the postal service online. It’s also important to share information with friends and relatives. Consider sending out a change of address group email or posting something on Facebook to let others know how to contact you in the future.…

Finding a Low Interest Home Improvement Loan

When you want to make improvements to your home, the idea of ​​a low interest home improvement loan comes to mind. After all, the major part of any loan is the interest rate, so if you can get a lower interest rate, the monthly payments and the total cost of the loan are going to be substantially lower. Do not choose the bank where you have your mortgage simply because it's convenient, but check around to find a low interest home improvement loan.

The importance of research

Just like any other loan, you want to be sure to do some research before you choose a lender. Failing to research before you obtain your loan can make the difference between finding a low interest home improvement loan and paying a higher rate of interest.

One of the worst mistakes that borrowers make is thinking that every lender charges about the same rate of interest, especially within the same regional area, and this is far from being factual information. First, different types of lenders have different interest rates.

For example, a finance company is going to charge a much higher interest rate than a bank, so the reason it is easier for those with bad credit to obtain a loan from a finance company. On the other hand, many credit unions charge a lower rate of interest than banks.

Choosing a lender

If you want to find a low interest home improvement loan, you will need to do some research outside of your local or regional area. That does not mean that you will find the lowest interest rate outside of your regional area, but if you do not do the research, you will not know if you have the lowest rate on a home improvement loan that is available. In addition, sometimes you can present a lower quote to a local lender, and in order to keep your business, they will match the lowest quote you received.

If you have good credit and are a long time customer of a particular lender, they will not want to lose your business to someone else over a difference in the interest rate. You want a low interest home improvement loan, and they want to maintain your business, so you have a tool for negotiation.

Is the best rate always the lowest rate?

When you begin to research lenders, you have to look at every aspect of the cost of the loan and not just the interest rate. Of course, the interest rate is the first thing you will see when looking for a low interest home improvement loan, but you have to look at everything that adds to the cost of the loan. For instance, one lender may charge a lower interest rate but has an application fee and prepayment penalty.

Another lender may have other kinds of additional charges, such as required insurance, that will add to the cost of the loan. Researching every aspect of the loan in order to find …

Numerology and Lucky Numbers

Upon discovering that I’m a Numerologist one of the most frequent questions people ask me is: “Can you tell me what numbers to play in the lottery?” The answer is, of course, no. Numerology is consistently unreliable when it comes to such things despite the many advertisements on the web and in print which trumpet otherwise. More often than not some one will make money from such a transaction, its just not going to be you! Remember, Numerology is a species of Divination and all Divinatory modalities are simply tools to help you look within and reexamine your life. If in the process of such a mediation you have a vision of tomorrow’s winning numbers, well, try and see. But don’t bet the house on it!

What Numerology can reveal are ‘Lucky Numbers’ or, numbers that harmonize with the basic pattern of your life. These may be of help when faced with a decision where you have a choice between two things which have different ‘numerical stamps’. Two phone numbers, two house numbers. Or, if you’re going to play the lotto anyway, you might try them in that context.

Your Lucky Numbers are really just your ‘Core Numbers’, the most important of which is your Life Path or Destiny Number. It is an easy calculation to make. Simply add every number in your birth date like so: 3-7-1975 = 3+7+1+9+7+5 = 32. Continue to add the answer until you are left with a single digit number. In our example: 32 = 3+2 +5. A person who was born on March 7, 1975 would have a 5 Life Path and therefore their strongest Lucky Number would also be 5.

Now, if our imaginary person would like to know which of the two apartments she should move into, which will harmonize best with her, she merely needs to reduce the numbers in the address see which will harmonize best for her. Consider that the apartments she is looking at have the house numbers 115 and 518. The apartment at 518 may be her best choice. Why. Because 115 reduces to 7 ( 1+1+5 ) while 518 reduces to 5 ( 5+1+8 = 14 and 1+4 =5 ).

Of course decisions in life are usually never that simple. Luckily, you won’t need to find exact matches of our Lucky Number. Different numbers will harmonize pursuant to different aims so, the harmonizing numbers may be different if you are considering a phone number to attract better business versus a phone number to attract a lover. However, there are certain numbers which simply do not harmonize well and as long as you steer clear of those you should be fine. Simply find your Lucky Number and check with the following chart.

Incompatible Numbers

Lucky Number 1 with 6.

Lucky Number 2 with 5.

Lucky Number 3 with 4.

Lucky Number 4 with 3, 5, and 9.

Lucky Number 5 with 2, 4, and 6.

Lucky Number 6 with 1, 5, and 7.

Lucky Number 7 …