The View of Our Home

Last month, my wife Rose and I decided to remodel our home. We have lived in the house for about ten years. Originally, we did not want to remodel, but we had no choice. Our home was very old and falling apart. Rose and I decided that it was time for us to have a fresh start. We wanted to remodel our home within our budget. I wanted the best for my home at a quality price. Rose wanted to get wood shutters for the living room windows. She felt they would be a nice touch to the house.

I have a lot of memories tied to my home. My siblings and I were raised in it. My parents purchased it in 1985. My family has been through so much while we lived in the home. When my siblings moved out of the home, I was the last person in the house. My parents decided to give me the house. They wanted me to keep it in the family. I realized that my parents worked very hard to keep the house in the family. After I got married Rose and I decided to live in the house. I wanted to start a family in the same home I was raised.

Rose and I did some of the renovations ourselves. We painted most of the walls in the house. It was extensive, but we had fun. It was very romantic helping my wife Rose paint our different rooms. For the rest of the work, we hired actual professionals. I was very pleased with the results. They completely redid our floors. Another company installed the wood shutters that Rose wanted in the living room. They were perfect. The shutters gave the living room a new life. The company was very professional and affordable.