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Athlete’s Foot – 9 Steps to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by parasitic fungi which usually attack the feet. Many people are plagued by this malady, since the organisms which cause it are spread from contaminated floors surrounding pools and showers. The skin between the toes is most often attacked, but the disease may spread to any part of the feet and may break out on the hands. However, what appears on the hands is usually caused by absorbed toxins in the bloodstream rather than the organisms themselves.

As athlete’s foot develops, blisters or cracks appear in the skin, which softens, turns white, and peels off in flakes. There is itching and burning – occasionally pain. The disease is more severe in warm than in cool weather.

What to Do

  1. Keep the affected skin areas as cool and dry as possible. Wearing sandals or open-toed shoes will help.
  2. Protect other members of the household by refraining from walking barefoot about the house, especially the bathroom. Don’t use the family shower, and before using the bathtub soak the feet for at lest five minutes in a warm, saturated solution of boric acid.
  3. Every night at bedtime wash the feet briefly with mild soap and warm water. Then soak the feet for 15 to 30 minutes in a warm, saturated solution of boric acid. If boric acid solution is not available, use a warm saline solution (one tablespoonful of table salt to a quart of water). Then with a bit of gauze pick and rub away all loose bits of skin, taking care not to get any of the contaminated material under the fingernails. Then apply an athlete’s foot cream, working it carefully into the affected skin, especially between the toes.
  4. Every morning, wipe away the remaining medicated cream with dry gauze and dust the skin area thickly with antiseptic powder.
  5. Wear cotton hose, preferably white, changing it daily. To launder hose, boil for ten minutes or re-infection is certain.
  6. If sores appear on the hands, use only mild ointments. If itching is severe, apply 1 percent phenol in calamine lotion. When the sores on feet have healed, those on hands will probably disappear.
  7. To prevent a relapse after the infection appears to be cured, apply 2 percent ammoniated mercury ointment each evening, and talcum powder containing 1 percent of salicylic acid each morning, continuing the treatment for several weeks. Dust the same powder into the shoes daily.
  8. In severe cases, keep off the feet as much as possible and use the soaks and medicated cream as in (3) twice a day instead of once.
  9. In a persistent case consult a dermatologist. An antibiotic is usually helpful, but this requires a physician’s prescription.
  10. The person with athlete’s foot should be considerate of others by not using public showers or swimming pools until his infection is completely cured.

Sump Pump Pros and Cons

“We like the house a lot. It’s got all the features we’re looking for. The only thing that worries me is the sump pump in the basement. Obviously the house has some sort of water problem.”

It’s easy to imagine a prospective home buyer voicing concerns about a sump pump located in a basement or crawl space. But is having one always a bad sign? Is a house automatically better off without one? How reliable are they at keeping water out of a basement or crawl space? One way to answer these questions is to examine the “pros and cons.”


  • Effective water removal. When a sump pump has been properly installed, it’s the most effective way to move water away from the foundation and help keep the basement or crawl space dry in wet conditions.
  • More reliable than other waterproofing treatments. Despite what many people think, coating the outside of a foundation with a moisture barrier is no guarantee against water infiltration into a basement or crawl space. Both the coating and the foundation can (and often do) develop cracks that admit water. Water can also come in through cracks in the concrete floor, or along the joint between the floor and the wall. A properly functioning pump is more reliable than a “passive” system like a moisture barrier.
  • Able to handle major leaks. Unlike a curtain drain system that relies on gravity alone to remove water, it can move a great volume of water in a relatively short time. This capability is important whenever a severe storm or an unanticipated leak occurs.


  • Electricity required. Power outages often occur during heavy rainstorms that can cause water to enter a basement. But when the power goes out, a standard one won’t work, so the basement can fill up with water. To prevent this catastrophe, you need to install a sump pump that includes a battery backup system.
  • Possible radon hazard. Putting a hole in the concrete floor of a basement or crawl space creates an opening where radon gas from the soil can enter the foundation. Since exposure to radon can cause cancer, it’s important for any house with a sump pump to be tested for radon. If hazardous radon levels are detected, they can be reduced to acceptable levels by an experienced radon mitigation contractor.
  • Unattractive appearance. In the past and even today, installation leaves an exposed hole in the foundation that is rough and unsightly. Seeing an open hole that’s dirty and partly full of water will not make homeowners feel good about their basement or secure about avoiding water damage. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As shown in the photo, sump pumps like those available from Basement Systems, Inc. have a neat, clean appearance that inspires confidence rather than fear.


To a homeowner or home buyer, a sump pump can be a liability or an asset, depending on how it functions and how it looks. …

9 Points to Kitchen Renovation

Everyone goes through a phase in their life when they sit back look at their kitchen and should I renovate my Kitchen? Most people consider this every few years, some every few months. You are not alone when you think of renovating or updating your kitchen.

When you think of renovating most people only consider the main features, like counter tops, floors, and walls. There are many aspects to think of when it comes down to your renovating your kitchen. Your kitchen has many, MANY aspects to think about. We're going to run through that list to remind you that, there are lots of ways to improve your kitchen, not just three.

The Kitchen Renovation Run Down From The Ground Up:

Floors – One of the most basic renovations, but still very visually stunning if done properly.

Bottom Cabinets – Your bottom cabinets are often left plain, because most people consider them "unseen" however, bottom cabinets can still carry as much visual weight as the kitchen floor and the upper cabinets.

Table and Chairs – although technically in the dining room, in many homes these rooms are the same, or are right next to each other separated by a pony wall. With such a large amount of space being used, your table and chairs control a lot of visual weight between these two rooms.

Countertops – one of the most visually commanding elements in a kitchen, it takes a lot of abuse so you need to think carefully and select a countertop for more than just appearance.

Pots and pans – It's a kitchen, your allowed to show off your cooking utensils, especially when you have fancy utensils. Hang up your pots and pans; show off your spatulas and ladles.

Walls – though less visibly weighed, in the kitchen compared to other rooms, your walls color and texture, and in some special cases, shape can accent a kitchens visual experience.

Upper cabinets, or cupboards – One of the most thought about renovations. Your cabinets can set the initial style for the whole kitchen due to just the first-seen factor in your kitchen.

Cabinet Doors – although usually considered at the same time as the cabinets, the doors alone can be changed and upgraded and remodeled with new hardware, or cabinet glass inserts.

Ceiling – your ceiling, on of the least contemplated renovation points, can also have a large visual impact of your kitchen, through color, texture, borders, contrast, the list can go on for a long time of what you can do with your ceiling to enhance or contrast your kitchen.

So remember, the next time you think about renovating your kitchen, think about what you are able to do to enhance your entire kitchen experience. …

Lace Curtains, Valances, Tiers and Panels – Charming Window Coverings to Mix and Match


Designing Lace Curtain window coverings can be very confusing. Let's try to simplify the challenge by starting with the very basics. Most major Lace Curtain suppliers offer many different pieces to be used in combination to arrive at completely different looks. The pieces have various names including One Piece Swags, Fan Swags, Swag Pairs, Valances, Tiers and Panels. They are woven into elaborate lace patterns or stunningly bold Macrame ring lace. Depending how you use them, your window treatment can be formal or casual, simple or ornate. Whatever combination you use can greatly influence your over-all design goals.


The simplest design would be, as in this image, to use a Lace Valance and Lace Tier together. This picture (see link below) uses a Macrame Ring Lace, however, any Lace Valance and Tier can be used for the same effect. This design is shown on tension rods inside the window casing. The treatment also can be used where both Valance and Tier are mounted on rods that are attached to the wall outside of the window frame. Another attractive style would be to mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and the Tier on a tension rod inside the jamb. In yet a different version you could mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and use a full length Lace Panel or pair of Panels on a rod under the Valance rod. One of these options may be just what you want but, hold on, we are just getting started.

You may want a more formal treatment with an entirely different approach. It consist of a Swag Pair with a Valance in between and a full length Panel underneath. As another option, in a narrows window, you could eliminate the in between Valance and just use the Swag Pair or a Piece Swag (see link below). If you use two Panels you could tie them back to each side for a totally different style. Also, a Priscilla look could be created using a second Panel underneath the first Panel and tying them back to opposite sides.

There is another option that uses some of all the above ideas but is more informal and could be used in a den, dinette or kitchen area. It consists of a Swag Pair with or without a Valance in between and a shorter Tier in the window instead of a full length Panel.

As you can see, Lace Curtains can be highly personalized to create the very look that makes your home warm and inviting We are not finished yet. Let's think even more outside of the box. What if you have a curved top window. That's easy. Just find a solid metal rod and bend it to the same contour as your window frame and use the same designs we just discussed. How about another idea. If you have two corner windows you have the option of …

Private Investigator Careers – Residential Burglary

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, chances are that one of your neighbors' houses will be burglarized this year. If burglars stuck your house once, the odds of burglarizing your house again are higher. Because of these odds, it is important that you should have a burglar alarm system installed in your house. Having a burglar alarm reduces your chances of your home being burglarized by 90 percent.

Suppose your purse was stolen, car stolen, and your house burglarized. You obviously feel violated that strangers rummaged through your personal things and took what belong to you.

Burglaries are difficult cases to solve. Nationwide, law enforcement authorities implemented a little over 12 percent of cases involving forced entry. On the other hand, they solve close to 50 percent of sexual assaults and sometimes over 60 percent of aggravated injuries. The reason for these skewed statistics is that with rapes and assaults, the victim and the perpetrator meet face-to-face. With most burglaries, nobody knows who the perpetrators are.

It is typical that private investigators get job orders to solve burglaries for two reasons:

  1. Law enforcement does not investigate because the monetary loss of property is not enough to warrant the manpower.
  2. Police showed up but have not solve the case.

Either way, odds are that you will not be contacted until several days after the crime occurred.

The bottom line regarding a burglary is that a private investigator is not going to solve the case without your neighborhood investigation coming up with something or his client has a suspect in mind. Most victims of burglaries know who the burglar is but do not realize it. Typically, the burglar has been in the house at least once in the past. He may be a salesman or a member of the maintenance crew of your apartment complex. There are some burglaries that are a random crime. Everyone is a suspect in a burglary. Burglars could be friends of the victim's teenage children. It is surprising that crimes against properties are perpetrated by teenagers who know the victims and their children too well.

If your house has been burglarized, compile a list of people who you think might have committed the offense. Take into consideration people who have been in your house in the last three months. Delivery drivers, movers, maintenance personnel, professional maids.

Hopefully, your neighbors will have seen something out of the ordinary. Perhaps they might have seen someone and have a description of the perpetrator. Maybe the perpetrator left some evidence behind.

Heeding these tips can help solve the crime of burglary. …

Garden Style – Adding Style and Character to Your New Garden

Designing and new garden can seem like and overwhelming task but if you break it down into some key steps designing and decorating a new garden can be a very fun experience. If you are at the planning stages for a new garden start by collecting inspiration and specific garden design ideas from magazines and visiting gardens in your area. Once you have a notebook full of ideas it is time to start the layout process.

The key to a great garden really comes down to having a good blueprint that you can follow. The first step is to focus on the fundamentals of layout. Pay attention to fixed elements in and outside of the garden like access to water, the garden entrance and other fixed feature that you need to work around (trees, wall, fines, etc). Place all of the desired elements in different configurations on paper until you come up with a plan that feel like the winner.

You also need to pay attention to the way your layout will affect things like the look and feel of the garden. Do you have views that you want blocked and do you have a solution to that challenge? Do you want to have small intimate areas or large open spaces? Will you have color all year around with the plant selections that you made? Are things placed so that they get the right amount of sun or shade? Think about how you want to use the garden year round and through each day to make sure you maximize the space and sunlight.

Now that you have your foundation figured out, you can turn your attention to the architectural components of your design. When we talk about architectural components, we mean things like walls, gates, storage buildings and even trellises and garden furniture. These elements can really compliment or contrast with the desired style of your garden and because they are often larger pieces it is important to get them right.

Now we can move on to objects that are easy to add and change around. Small statues, gazing balls, flags, plaques and other items are easy to add and move around. You can also recycle various items into interesting accents like bowling balls, old garden tools and old kitchenware. These items can be easily over done, so think in terms of moderation.

Larger additions to your garden can create visual points of interest or even destination locations if you have a large garden area. Water features, garden benches, gazing balls, sun dials and large statues can all serve the purpose of larger anchor elements in your landscaping.

The finishing touch items to your garden decorating can be the most fun to choose and place in your garden. They are usually simple elements that add some color and tie together other items into a harmonious experience. Wall art for fences or buildings can provide a lot of style and make an otherwise unattractive area into a focal point. Judicious placement …

Dog Sense – How To Give Your Dog Freedom

I am a professional dog trainer. As such I have a very specific way that I view dogs and how I think about dog training. I refer to this as my 'dog-sense'. When I encounter new clients I discover them with varying degrees of dog-sense. It is my responsibility as a trainer to inculcate as much dog-sense into my clients as possible.

Through my years of training I have found that the majority of dog owners lack dog-sense in one key and critical area. If dog owners everywhere were able to improve in this area it could very well put me out of a job.

Dogs have dozens of natural instincts. A great deal of these instincts act out in contradiction to what the average dog owner wants. Dogs instinctively pee on rugs, jump on newcomers, bark at things, and chew on whatever feels comfortable.

It remains the responsibility of the dog owner to mold every dog ​​behavior. It is your responsibility to determine how your puppy or dog interacts with your sofa, with your rug, with your guest, with your child, and with every part of your dog's surroundings. This is where the average dog owner goes wrong.

The average dog owner Merely hands over freedom to his dog. This is a mistake. Dogs need to earn their freedom through good behavior. You can not allow your dog to be loose in your house until he has learned how not to go to the bathroom on the floor, how not to chew on your shoes, and how not to make a wreck of everything. Every time a dog owner gives a dog freedom too early he runs the risk of the dog taking that freedom and acting inappropriately with it. If you give your dog freedom and he pees on the floor what can you do? The answer is nothing. You can not find a problem after the fact and do anything about it.

So what is a dog owner to do? The answer is that you are to restrict your dog's freedom until he has earned it. Keep your dog with you. If you want to mold behavior you have to see behavior. If you want to see your dog's behavior your dog has to be next to you. So keep your dog with you at all times. Do not let your dog out of your sight until you can trust him. If you can not keep him in your sight because you leave the house or are too busy, put your dog in his crate.

As your dog progresses and is reliable in the house you can give him more and more freedom. Do not rush it. Take your time and you will see that your dog can learn to be a perfect pet in the home. …

Cedar Garden Furniture

The cedar garden furniture is lovely indeed for any deck or patio. The cedar tree is a very beautiful hardwood that grows in North America and used to make furniture. A clear grade western red cedar commonly used to make outdoor garden furniture. One concern everyone has the outdoor weather how will it affect the furniture that sits in sunshine and rain. The northern part of America also supplies from snow, sleet, and hail that could be very damaging to any piece of garden furniture.

The western red cedar fibers contain oils that act as a natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay making it an excellent choice for outdoor garden furniture. One of the first created pieces called the Adirondack Chair. All across America, everyone started wanting the Adirondack Chair. The government then saw the durability and the inexpensive wood used to make the chair decided that they want cedar benches that are useable in parks. The depression era brought forth the creation of many of these benches by people who worked on the WPA. The WPA was a work program created by President Roosevelt at the time to help those in this country who were unemployed. Many young men went into the forests at the time and cut down the cedar trees so that they used for things like park benches.

Many cedar chests made as these kept things very well and prevented mold and mildew from destroying the chest and its contents. The sailors often declared that the cedar chest was their friend on long trips. The funeral directors in the day used cedar and pine to build coffins for the Deceased. Some doctors had declared in England where the plague that had killed many if they would bury those affected in a cedar coffin that would have prevented the spread of the deadly disease. Cedar is a wood that over the centuries has had its uses for many good things.

Today we find that cedar garden furniture is a beautiful to anyone's patio or his or her home. A beautiful cedar patio set accents any persons home. The elite of America often request that their patio and garden be inlaid with cedar. Many accessories made of cedar often found in stores today. Such items as serving trays and carts, made of cedar can easily be found in stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Department stores like Sears and JC Pennies carry the cedar garden furniture at a very reasonable price. The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company found on line offers many beautiful pieces of cedar garden furniture. The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company will also make furniture pieces to your specific requirements.

The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company has many accessories that help beautify your patio. The Cedar Garden Furniture takes great pride in the manner in which they manufacturer all their cedar garden furniture. All pieces have a finely sanded finish and handcrafted for a snug fit. The best in cedar garden furniture found at Cedar …

Introduction to Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven

The use of outdoor pizza oven for your own outdoor kitchen is becoming the latest trend in home improvement and design. One of the most popular styles of oven currently available and is suitable to install in your outdoor kitchen is the wood burning oven. Can you use it at home? And how? Read below to learn more about what makes wood burning outdoor pizza oven convenient to use at home and what other benefits that can be derived from it.

Generally speaking, a wood burning oven is ideal for baking pizzas or bread. It is a reliable choice for wonderful home cooking, which is convenient to use as it only utilizes a little fire. Plus, they are also aesthetically pleasing, which suits families that are keen on styling up their homes.

It is so efficient to start running your wood burning oven. Plus, it is very economical as you can cook a lot of things in it, saving you tons of money from not having to install any other cooking system. You can use it to bake cakes, roast, cook your meat and casserole dishes, and never have to deal with foods that cause risks to your health. A wood burning outdoor pizza oven also makes very convenient to clean up as the grease is not left inside the oven, but instead is burnt in the hearth.

For those who aren’t too familiar with this type of outdoor pizza oven, a wood burning oven is produced out of clay adobe and refractory concrete or fire bricks. Make sure that the concrete or brick is heat-resistant such that it is able to withstand prolonged exposure to extremely high levels of temperature. This type of ingredient is a popular choice in modern day oven systems to produce a better quality oven that had impeccable safety features and produces wonderful food.

Newer models of wood burning outdoor pizza oven has been equipped with a gentle fire and a low TEC efficient technology for ease and highly effective cooking.

When you turn on this oven, the fire produced will give off heat that is distributed around the walls of the oven. Once the dome chamber reaches the specific temperature needed for cooking, it will gently but gradually cook the pizza or any dish you place inside. All embers produced are swept out or left inside the oven.

With an economic, efficient, and safety feature, it’s no wonder why wood burning pizza oven is fast becoming the next best choice for home kitchen systems.…

How to Decorate a Console Table to Catch Everyone's Attention

Interior decoration trends are rapidly changing, inspiring, and consuming. These are like creative rockets that are leashed on to just one aspect-quenching the thirst for a visual delight. Every frill and every curve lead to an oasis of beauty that devours an individual's imagination. One spark of imagination results in the creation of decor themes that were never even imagined. Playing on the same tunes, the decoration of furniture plays a pivotal role in rounding off a decor theme. Start with an ever-so-gracious console table that graces an empty wall and brings life to other ignored spaces. A table is a like a dark knight of the furniture world. It stands still in one corner while playing an important role in the whole setup. The table manages to make its importance felt in numerous ways. It acts like a memory boat with an array of photo frames sailing on its top surface. It becomes the center of attraction when placed under a classy artwork or a chunky mirror. Sometimes, it hides behind a sofa to create space for accent pieces.

Decorating a console table depends on two factors- decor theme of your home and the placement. When it comes to a decor theme, you need to be very clear about the same. Before you start the process of placing home decor items on a table, ensure that you have chalked out a rough plan. The best way to go about it is by dropping down what all needs to be placed on a table. If the table is placed in a foyer or a hallway, then it will be decked up in a manner to facilitate easy access to day-to-day items. When placed in a living or a dining room, the console table is used for placement of decor items or decanters.

With the following steps, you will be able to easily decorate your console table:

  1. Placement: Place the table in an apt area such as a foyer, hallway, living room, or a dining room. If it is a wall-leaning table, then secure the same to the wall using screws. A freestanding table will not require any kind of securing. But if your household has little members, then curving the edges will be a good idea.
  2. Adding an Element of Attraction: Mount an eye-catching artwork or a handcrafted mirror just above the table to draw attention. Ensure that the wall decor piece is fully secured and is mounted in a correct manner. If you do not wish to mount a decor item, then place the same on the table. Let the element lean against the wall to induce an arty feel.
  3. Stack Up the Table: Take out your favorite reads and decorative boxes and stack these in a clean pile on the surface of a table. Make good use of the shelves as well but try not over-stacking the items.
  4. Raise the Bar: Place some tall items such as a candle stand or a figurine to give the table a