How to Get Knockout Roses From Cuttings

Using cuttings to multiply and maintain your knockout roses is both simple and economical. You can do this at any time of year, as long as you follow a few basic guidelines.

Choosing a sharp tool is important since you’ll want to have a nice cut. Any damage to the stem will decrease the chances of the new knockout rose from flourishing. Knockout roses are pretty resilient, but you’ll have the best results when you make the cuts patiently and deliberately.

The correct location of the cut should be slightly above the third bud from the top of the branch. This gives plenty of leeway for the new rose to properly root. The cut itself is preferably slanted downward so that moisture cannot accumulate on top of the cut stem.

There are some different ways to use the cuttings once they are successfully gathered. Just planting right into the soil works, as does temporarily placing them into a transportable pot or a water filled vase. Of course using any type of rooting compound will help your future roses thrive. You don’t need to go out and buy any fancy materials, since there are several common household goods like honey that can do the job when used modestly.

When they are planted in the ground, these cuttings don’t need a whole lot of help. If they have decent quality soil and watering, they’ll no doubt root and grow normally. For more arid climates, sometimes a makeshift covering like a plastic bottle can help keep the rose moist and foster its growth.

You’ll find that cuttings from knockout roses are a great way to replenish your supply of flowers. Even for novices, you’ll see that this is an easy way to maintain a beautiful garden.…

Interior Design Ideas – Conservatory Living

Can you imagine the joy of spending late autumn afternoons warmly lounging in the mid of your garden, of growing and harvesting your very tropical fruits and of twilight summer suppers that are guaranteed rainproof? No, this is not a description of life on a faraway tropical island, but a glimpse of the bliss to be had when you own a conservatory.

Yet another inspired Victorian concept that we are reviewing and appreciating anew, despite the disparity of lifestyles between then and now. A conservatory gives life a new dimension. It allows us to enjoy a garden year-round and stretches the living areas of our homes. All age groups can benefit: it provides an ideal space for a toddler to play in (the semi-outdoor finishes should stand up well), for an elderly person to relax in out of season, and for people of any age to enjoy atmospheric dinner parties.

Should you be on the brink of deciding to construct a conservatory, be sure to pin down your ideas well in advance;

How much do you want to spend? A finished conservatory may cost more than you imagine and such extras as heating, lighting, wall and floor finishes, furnishings and plants can add considerably to an initial estimate.

How will the finished conservatory look from outside? Do you wish its style to reflect the architecture of your home?

Which direction do you wish your conservatory to face? A southerly orientated conservatory will be full of sunshine, but without a good ventilation system it is installed and shade provided (by blinds or by painting the glass), it is likely to overheat in summer. A north-facing glass house will receive little sunshine and so will require an efficient heating system for cooler days.

To what purpose will you put your conservatory? Is it to be a place for indoor gardening, relaxing, dining, cooking or playing?

Do you wish your conservatory to become an integral part of an interior living area and / or to open up to and become one with your garden or territory? The larger your opening on to either or both of these areas, the more linked they will appear. Double, sliding or folding-back doors will help to achieve the connection you desire.

Because the conservatory represents a link between the house and its exterior, the most appropriate furnishings will be those reflect this connection. Well-designed garden furniture, softened with table cloths, cushions and upholstered seats, will help blur the line between inside and out, as will rattan, wicker or cane furniture.

A floor of flagstones, scrubbed wood planking or terracotta tiles will underscore the connection. Accessories can provide a similar link – garden statuary, urns, plants and terracotta pots are all particularly suitable.

The best window treatments are ones that do not detract from the view or interior planting. Tailored blinds or curtains of muslin or calico in a simple style are ideal.

When it comes to selecting a color scheme for your conservatory, the choice is yours …

Garden Style – Adding Style and Character to Your New Garden

Designing and new garden can seem like and overwhelming task but if you break it down into some key steps designing and decorating a new garden can be a very fun experience. If you are at the planning stages for a new garden start by collecting inspiration and specific garden design ideas from magazines and visiting gardens in your area. Once you have a notebook full of ideas it is time to start the layout process.

The key to a great garden really comes down to having a good blueprint that you can follow. The first step is to focus on the fundamentals of layout. Pay attention to fixed elements in and outside of the garden like access to water, the garden entrance and other fixed feature that you need to work around (trees, wall, fines, etc). Place all of the desired elements in different configurations on paper until you come up with a plan that feel like the winner.

You also need to pay attention to the way your layout will affect things like the look and feel of the garden. Do you have views that you want blocked and do you have a solution to that challenge? Do you want to have small intimate areas or large open spaces? Will you have color all year around with the plant selections that you made? Are things placed so that they get the right amount of sun or shade? Think about how you want to use the garden year round and through each day to make sure you maximize the space and sunlight.

Now that you have your foundation figured out, you can turn your attention to the architectural components of your design. When we talk about architectural components, we mean things like walls, gates, storage buildings and even trellises and garden furniture. These elements can really compliment or contrast with the desired style of your garden and because they are often larger pieces it is important to get them right.

Now we can move on to objects that are easy to add and change around. Small statues, gazing balls, flags, plaques and other items are easy to add and move around. You can also recycle various items into interesting accents like bowling balls, old garden tools and old kitchenware. These items can be easily over done, so think in terms of moderation.

Larger additions to your garden can create visual points of interest or even destination locations if you have a large garden area. Water features, garden benches, gazing balls, sun dials and large statues can all serve the purpose of larger anchor elements in your landscaping.

The finishing touch items to your garden decorating can be the most fun to choose and place in your garden. They are usually simple elements that add some color and tie together other items into a harmonious experience. Wall art for fences or buildings can provide a lot of style and make an otherwise unattractive area into a focal point. Judicious placement …

Cedar Garden Furniture

The cedar garden furniture is lovely indeed for any deck or patio. The cedar tree is a very beautiful hardwood that grows in North America and used to make furniture. A clear grade western red cedar commonly used to make outdoor garden furniture. One concern everyone has the outdoor weather how will it affect the furniture that sits in sunshine and rain. The northern part of America also supplies from snow, sleet, and hail that could be very damaging to any piece of garden furniture.

The western red cedar fibers contain oils that act as a natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay making it an excellent choice for outdoor garden furniture. One of the first created pieces called the Adirondack Chair. All across America, everyone started wanting the Adirondack Chair. The government then saw the durability and the inexpensive wood used to make the chair decided that they want cedar benches that are useable in parks. The depression era brought forth the creation of many of these benches by people who worked on the WPA. The WPA was a work program created by President Roosevelt at the time to help those in this country who were unemployed. Many young men went into the forests at the time and cut down the cedar trees so that they used for things like park benches.

Many cedar chests made as these kept things very well and prevented mold and mildew from destroying the chest and its contents. The sailors often declared that the cedar chest was their friend on long trips. The funeral directors in the day used cedar and pine to build coffins for the Deceased. Some doctors had declared in England where the plague that had killed many if they would bury those affected in a cedar coffin that would have prevented the spread of the deadly disease. Cedar is a wood that over the centuries has had its uses for many good things.

Today we find that cedar garden furniture is a beautiful to anyone's patio or his or her home. A beautiful cedar patio set accents any persons home. The elite of America often request that their patio and garden be inlaid with cedar. Many accessories made of cedar often found in stores today. Such items as serving trays and carts, made of cedar can easily be found in stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Department stores like Sears and JC Pennies carry the cedar garden furniture at a very reasonable price. The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company found on line offers many beautiful pieces of cedar garden furniture. The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company will also make furniture pieces to your specific requirements.

The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company has many accessories that help beautify your patio. The Cedar Garden Furniture takes great pride in the manner in which they manufacturer all their cedar garden furniture. All pieces have a finely sanded finish and handcrafted for a snug fit. The best in cedar garden furniture found at Cedar …

Growing Azaleas

For years Azaleas have had the reputation of being a hard grow plant, and many years ago they probably were. With the abundance of information available to us today allowing us to have access to the latest growing techniques for any plant we want to grow, we tend to forget that our great- grandsparents, and even our grandsparents often had to learn their growing techniques by trial and error, and a lot of plants that had particular soil, light, or food requirements were more often than not, put into the difficult or hard to grow category. That reputation has unfortunately stuck with them over the years.

Azaleas are not hard to grow. As with a lot of other plants there are a few rules that must be followed to create the right growing conditions, but once established azaleas are very easy to look after.

Azaleas come in a wide range of colors, white, pink, red, purple, orange and yellows, as well as many multi-colors. There's single and double flower varieties, there are varieties with tiny insignificant flowers but popular because of their deeply colored leaves. All of them are beautiful plants worthy of a place in any garden, but the single flower varieties are the hardiest and more suited to sunny positions, but they do have a more limited color range than the doubles.

The first thing to do is decide where in your garden you want to grow your azalea plants. If you are planting into the ground, try to find areas on the South and East side of your home, where they will be more protected from very hot sun. When selecting the areas keep in mind that the single flower azaleas are more sun tolerant, but still need to be protected from the very hot sun, and doubles will always need to have moderate shade.

Azaleas will not tolerate alkaline soil and prefer a rich acid soil with a PH level from 5-6. PH test your soil, if you live in an area where the soil is naturally high alkaline, then you may need to consider growing your plants in tubs or pots. PH testers can be purchased from nurseries and hardware stores, they're inexpensive but a valuable tool to have.

Once you've decided where you're going to plant your azaleas, and you know the PH of the soil, the next important step is to dig the area over really well, you need to add plenty of peat moss, leaf mould or other organic matter like well rotted cow manure to increase the soil acidity as well as to increase the moisture holding capacity of the soil.

The roots of azaleas need to be kept cool and moist, but not wet, which means you'll need to ensure that the soil drain in the area you've chosen, is very good. In heavy soil it's a good idea to dig in plenty of Gypsum or a good clay breaker, although a safer alternative is to build raised beds and …

Ednometriosis and Flower Remedies – Garden (Common Sorrel) Sorrel

As we mentioned in other articles, endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also responds to hormonal signals of the menstrual menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. As we know Cape sorrel contains a variety of substances that are important to women with endometriosis. In this article, we will discuss how flower remedies –cape sorrel helps to treat endometriosis.

I. Definition
Common Sorrel or Garden Sorrel also known as sorrel, is a perennial herb. The leaves are oblong, the lower ones 3 to 6 inches in length, slightly arrow-shaped at the base and it is cultured as a vegetable for consumption. It has been used in traditional medicine to cool any inflammation and heat of blood.

II. How cape sorrel effects women with endometriosis
1. Circulatory system
Garden sorrel is said to help restore the blood circulation in the body caused by imbalance of ying and yang qi in the blood resulting in improving the circulatory function and lessening the symptoms of endometriosis including emotional and physical stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Inflammation
It also helps to alleviate the inflammation caused by irregular cell growth or cell of one organ growing in somewhere in the body including endometrial implants and adhesion in the abdominal region.

3. Digestive system
Garden sorrel contains substances that help to restore decaying pathogens resulting in improving the digestive system in absorbing vital vitamins and minerals which are essential for women with endometriosis during menstrual cycle.

4. Blood purifier
It also helps to purify the blood by getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the blood stream resulting in strengthening the transport of oxygen and nutrients to our body cell, thenby it helps to restore the immune system in fighting against foreign invasion and forming of free radicals including the endometrial implants and adhesion. …

How Long Will a Market Patio Umbrella Last?

How long will a patio umbrella last? This wonderful question is a very common question from our loyal customers over the years. Depending on the type of construction, and usage of your patio umbrella will change how long it will last. Using a patio umbrella protective cover to protect your umbrella from the weather elements or even if you store your umbrella in a protective shed, having a protective cover over it will increase the life span of the material allowing for more use, saving you money! Shades are available in many different fabric and pole options. The less expensive garden umbrellas will generally use olefin or polyester fabric. These fabrics are great for the everyday user to protect them against the suns harmful rays. Keeping the fabric away from the weather elements while it is not in use is the best method to preventing premature fading and deterioration. Occasionally using a mild detergent and water to clean the fabric is recommended to keep the canopy looking bright and new! These budget friendly units are also available with a wood, aluminum or fiberglass pole. The wood poles are light weight and have a wonderful visual appeal that is a great option for any buyer. Available in a light wood, dark wood and even a Marenti hardwood! These wood poles generally use a pulley system or manual pushup to raise or lower the canopy.

Also available with an aluminum center pole, these umbrellas are available with a pulley system or crank mechanism. Umbrellas must be closed and opened as described in the manufactures directions. Patio umbrellas without any moving mechanisms will last the longest because there are less moving parts that could stop functioning over time. The manual pushup umbrella should be the longest lasting out of the previously stated options. Making sure your unit is closed and secured with the included straps is vital for improving the life span of the unit preventing any damage caused by the wind of any other variables. The commercial patio umbrellas upgrade fabric is “Sunbrella” fabric. This fabric is absolutely the best quality fabric available, with a wide range of colors to choose from, the Sunbrella fabric is the ultimate choice. The Sunbrella fabric comes with an industry leading 5 Year Warranty! The fabric is made in the U.S.A. and is a great quality fabric. The more expensive umbrellas generally are available with the Sunbrella fabric. These patio umbrellas also have heavier duty hardware and thicker poles making them more durable which will last longer. They are still susceptible to damage caused by wind and other weather elements, so it is still recommended to close and secure the umbrellas when not in use.…

Article Writing – Deciding What to Write About – Quickly and Easily

I am assuming at this point that you know what your niche or topic is and that this article is designed to help you decide what you should write in regards to your niche or web site topic.

Start with your niche or topic, for example, gardening.

Then make a list of things that people might want to know about gardening.

For example:

How do you garden?

What climates are good for gardening?

Do you garden differently in different climates?

What types of things can you grow in the cold climates?

What types of things can you grow in the hot climates?

Notice at this point how I am building a number of questions around one subtopic of gardening: the climate. You can probably think of 20 or 30 more questions related to just the climate.

Now for a change of subtopic, for example: tools for gardening

What types of tools do I need for gardening?

What are the easiest tools for gardening?

Are there different tools for different plants?

Where do I buy quality tools for my gardening?

What are the top three tools for gardening?

And again, you can add many more tool questions, especially if you are in the gardening niche and understand gardening (I am not, and do not).

Now you should be able to easily think up 20 subtopics for your niche, similar to the two I suggest here for gardening. For example, in the gardening niche:






Time of year

Part of the world





Obviously this is a partial list of all the subtopics for the gardening niche. Come up with at least 20 for your niche, then write at least 10 questions to answer for each subtopic.

Next, write an article about each question … just given this scenario, you will have 200 article subjects ready to write! …

How To Find Cheap Garden Sheds On Craigslist

There are a number of places online that you can find cheap garden sheds, but one of the best places I have found is Craigslist. Craigslist is the largest classified ads online and the world and even find just about anything you want including garden sheds. In this article I'm going to show you a couple of tips to help you find some dividends that will typically be a lot less expensive than buying one and one of the many home improvement stores.

What Search Terms Are You Using?

When searching for a cheap garden shed you want to keep in mind that not everyone is going to use these exact terms when listing or looking for a shed. For instance, a few examples of some related search terms might be: garden sheds, shed for sale, outdoor shed, backyard shed etc. So when you perform your initial search try typing in the exact phrase "cheap garden sheds" if your search yields very little or no results then try typing in a broader term like "garden shed" or "shed".

Search By Dealer Or By Owner?

There is a number of different ways you can narrow down your search on Craigslist and one of them is something that most people do not even think about. There's a little box at the top of the screen that allows you to narrow down your search by who is selling the item. There are two different options: someone who is selling something privately, by owner and a company or business that is selling that same product, by dealer. So in the beginning, make sure you have both boxes checked so that you are able to see search results from both of these types of sellers.

How About Surrounding Areas …

When people look for things on Craigslist they often stick to their local Craigslist area. I have found that sometimes I will be searching for something in the local results and it will yield nothing, but a few results will show up below my local listing in the surrounding areas of Craigslist ads for similar listings. So do not just look in one particular area, expand your horizons and search as many near Craigslist listings that you can.

Do They Have Sheds In The City?

It probably would not make that much sense to look for something like a shed in a populated area like a major city. This particular item is going to be found in more rural areas because people that live in regions like that are more likely to have one or more sheds on the property. People who live in the city are not as likely to have as much room, so therefore not as many people will have sheds for sale to live in areas like this. So try to think of what kind of area is you're going to find what it is that you are looking for. …

Tip – Grow Your Own Vegetables

Most people buy their vegetables from Supermarkets, but, with some organisation and thought, growing your own vegetables could be a reality. There are a lot of vegetables that can be grown at home and there is much information given out on websites and from garden centres, that can enable you to do just that.

Here are just a few thoughts to plant a seed (sorry for the pun) in your mind:

First off, you have to decide on a position for your vegetable plot. This particular area should get a minimum of six hours of sunshine, because, the more sunlight your crops get, the greater the chance of a good, healthy crop.

The type of soil that is most suitable for strong growth is rich, sandy loam. If this is a problem where you are, then you will need to add compost, both under the top layer of soil and around your plants. Preferably organic compost, as this will give long term benefits to the condition of your soil.

There are many suggestions as to the layout of your plot, here are just a few: You should make sure your plot is on level ground and you plant your rows in a north-south direction to gain the maximum sunlight. Also, ensure you leave plenty of space between the rows, so that weeding, tending and collecting are much easier to achieve.

Make sure you only use new and fresh seeds when you sow, if you don’t and you use older seeds, there is a strong chance they will not germinate properly and will give you a poor first crop. Also consider planing transplants alongside your seeds, this means that you will have crops maturing at different times and therefore fresh vegetables at an earlier time than waiting for the seedlings to mature. Don’t forget to plant different but complimentary plants in the same area, this will give you lots of different crops for your meals. You could also try setting up some raised vegetable beds, making it easier to weed and tend to, saving your back.

If possible, try to have a plot close to your house so that you are able rush out and get fresh vegetables even when it is pouring with rain. Then a second plot further away would be excellent.

Once you have decided which vegetables you would like to grow, go to a garden centre to buy your plants and seeds and at the same time, get some advice and tips on vegetable gardening from the experts there.

Happy growing.…