Here’s How to Make a Woman Ejaculate and Have Cascading Orgasms

How to make a woman ejaculate begins with proper G-Spot stimulation. Not all women have the ability to “squirt” when they have a vaginal orgasm. The ones who can usually have strong pc muscles. And once you learn how to do this men, you will have more sex than you can ever imagine. The #1 reason women skip sex on a nightly basis is due to the lack of pleasure they receive.

What you want to do is use two fingers to rub or tap on her G-Spot. It’s located about two inches inside the top wall of her vagina. It’s a rough patch of skin, which is flooded with blood when stimulated. When you place two fingers inside her you want to make sure you also press down on her stomach area where you will be rubbing your fingers.

This places more pressure on the G-Spot enabling you to arouse it more. While you are doing this it’s best to lay on your side with your feet towards your head. This position allows you to also perform oral sex. When you combine oral sex and G-Spot stimulation, you will make this one of the most pleasurable experiences she’ll ever have.

What you want to avoid is using too much pressure which will make it hurt. Start using light pressure until you feel her become more aroused, then begin increasing pressure and the speed of your finger strokes. It’s important to note it would be wise to have her use the bathroom before beginning this technique. If this is something new to her, she will have the sensation of needing to pee, which will go away eventually.

If you learn how to make a woman ejaculate, you will be repaid with sex almost every night. It’s been proven, women who are pleasured correctly crave sex just as much as men think about it.