How to Use Roses in Your Garden

Roses, as the most popular type of flowering plant going these days, are, quite literally, everywhere. Nine out of ten gardens will have some form of rose somewhere within them and their uses are almost as many as the colors they come in. Whether you choose climbing roses, hybrid teas, floribundas or the always popular miniature roses, rest assured that each will have a proper function as part of your garden's ecosystem and set up. Too, there are a number of roses for every climate and condition, so wherever you are, you'll be able to find a rose that suits your needs.

Rose Color
The most obvious use for roses has to do with color. Although it has been touted that different color roses symbolize different things, you need not get hung up on the color meaning of roses. Most gardeners design their gardens around chromatic themes (or simply pick the colors they think look best), leading to them choosing the breed and type of rose more for hue than anything else. Roses come in many different colors-red, pink, white, black, blue, orange-so whatever color you have in mind, a rose will most likely be able to do the job. But make sure that the colors you choose are complimentary to the rest of your garden. There's nothing worse than your roses being lost in the shuffle of colors.

Covering Bare Space
Too, roses are perfect for covering bare spaces along walls, benches, pillars, trellises or any number of garden structures. Climbing roses of all descriptions are perfect for this. And, in a space-limited environment like many backyard gardens, climbing roses can also provide some much needed color in surprising places. Climbing roses are among the most easily trainable of roses and can be used to great creative effect with time and patience.

In fact, roses of all types are easy to shape and control, which is another bonus for the creative gardener. If you need landscaping plants – plants that can provide living boundaries for the rest of your garden, or even ornamental decoration – then roses are probably your best bet. Hardy and resilient, roses can survive any number of maulings, whether through the attentions of an inexperienced gardener or Mother Nature, and they take to being shaped well. As background plants, they excel in causing other types of flowers to 'pop' as well. Essentially, roses can be used to compliment any decorating scheme.

Regardless of why you plan on using roses, there are a few factors to be aware of. When you choose a rose to go in your garden, make sure it compliments the surrounding landscape of your garden. You do not want to pick the wrong color or type to go in the space you've chosen.

In the end, it's the intense versatility of the rose which makes it so popular among gardeners and landscapers. Roses can be used in a variety of ways, they come in many colors and have a wide range of uses, all of which add up to make the rose a staple plant in any gardeners arsenal. Roses can make any garden, any home more elegant and beautiful with just a bit of care.