Mulching & Dethatching – The Keys To A Low Maintenance Lawn And Garden

Taking care of a lawn and garden is not an easy thing because there are plenty of important considerations. Of course, be sure to water it properly, give everything it needs and consider getting expert needs whenever necessary. Some of the keys to a low maintenance lawn and garden, lawn care maintenance experts say, are mulching and dethatching.

Mulching Tips

Mulch will help conserve moisture, cut down on weeds, fertilize the soil and assist with visual appeal. A beautiful front yard landscaping can certainly be achieved with different mulch kinds. You can actually use pretty much everything as mulch – provided though that it is not toxic and is biodegradable.

You can use rocks as mulch. In fact, this has a very surprising effect. It will make the growing season last a bit longer. When rocks are exposed to the sun, they absorb heat and put it in the soil. In turn, this gives plants more incentive to grow.

Apart from rocks, you can make your own mulch. There is no secret to making such. It is just shredded leaves, barks and other materials that is placed around your plants to serve a purpose. The leave you rake up, along with the grass you mow, can serve as mulch.

If you want to kill weeds, you can use newspapers and mulch. Use the newspaper to cover weed, and put some mulch on top of it. If you block out the sum, the weeds will certainly die. Also, you don’t have to remove the newspaper because the ink is not toxic and the paper is biodegradable.

Furthermore, you can turn your Christmas tree into mulch so your garden can get through hard winters. Instead of throwing it, you can actually make use of its branches to help protect your plants.

Dethatching Tips

If you have an established, healthy lawn, you may have thatch. Lush lawns getting a lot of attention are prone to thatch – you just do not see it.

Thatch will develop after you have been tending the lawn for several years. It is a light brown lawn that often builds up between the soil and the green grass. It is made up of living, decaying and dead organic matter such as roots, runners and stems. Be aware that grass clippings do not cause thatch because they are mostly water; hence, they decay fast.

At some point, thatch is a very good thing. It will make the turf a bit springy and very comfortable to walk on. It conserves water, protects the soil, and helps the lawn hold up better. But when the organic matter between the soil and grass build up faster than it decays, it becomes a problem. Though this may seem harmless, it can actually make it harder for the grass roots to take hold in the soil. Excessive that can become a breeding ground for diseases and pests.

If you need to dethatch, be sure to do it right.